Fashion in the 70s by: Samantha and Emma

Fashion in the early 1970s

Across the fashion industry, designers dropped skirt lengths anywhere between the knee and ankle and called it the Midi Look or midi skirt
  • Ponchos, gauchos and capes afforded a fashionable alternative to the midi.
  • In 1972 the fashion calmed down a bit and it turned into more sports wear for both day time and evening styles
  • women wanted to look at ease, so the sweater was something easy to wear without much effort
  • 1973 is when the sweater became very big
  • There were sweater coats, sweater dresses and even sweater suits. Many of them were trimmed with fur, especially fox. Floor-length sweaters came with or without sparkle. The chunky, shawl-collared, belted cardigan, often in brown and white, replaced 1972’s shrink tops.
The jumpsuit was a huge success in 1975. It came in hard-working fabrics like twill, drill, duck, baby-wale corduroy and seersucker.
  • 1976 was when fashion was going two separate directions
  • One was the Parisian peasant style, which used capes, turbans, rich fabrics, glowing colors, billowing skirts and puffy sleeves. The other was the clean-cut All-American look that borrowed stylings from classic sportswear.
  • Then in 1977, fashion took on a looser attitude
  • women who had good figures didn't like the baggy style
  • the scarf was the signature accessory most women wore in the 1977s


The “Retro Look” was best pulled off with a touch of humor by young people dressed for disco dancing.
  • Another look that was very in style was strapless tops, bust darts, midriff seams, cummerbunds, and waist cinchers
  • The feeling was more relaxed for men. Tweeds dominated suits, jackets and coats. The raglan-sleeve coat gained new adherence as opposed to the fitted coat
  • trousers were not as flared as they used to
In 1979 the tailored suit dominated daytime and evening wear. Quickly vanished had the days of casual sportswear, which had been so popular throughout the 1970s
  • People got tired of the casual style so they went back to the conservative look
  • By 1979, fashion that was known as “seventies” fashion had fully transformed into what people now would think of as eighties fashion.
  • As the 80s approached, the fashion world became more brave


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