Get up off that thing, read and listen 'till you feel better.

By Alba Nidia Batista

Entrepreneurship is rewarding but it’s also hard, and that’s a fact of life. Long hours, lack of cash flow and uncertainty. With all this you most certainly need some inspiration so you don’t want to quit. So when your friends or loved ones are not around, you can turn to music to lift your spirits.

The following is a list of song lines and lyrics that can be so inspirational, you’ll be back on track in no time after reading or listening to them.

1. Lose yourself - Eminem:

Opportunities come by rarely, so one must be prepared for them and give everything we got:

2. I believe I can fly – R. Kelly

This song was released in 1996 but the message is still current and inspirational, plus who doesn't love songs that include choirs? This one's about believing in yourself and your dream even when you’re feeling down.

3. My way – Paul Anka

As an entrepreneur you have to overcome many obstacles. Sometimes you win and sometimes you lose. Regardless of the outcome you have to be tough and defend your ideas even when no one else believes in them. Sometimes you just have to do it your way.

4. Get up offa that thing - James Brown

Last but not least is this upbeat song that will make you wanna get up and get moving. When you feel you are down in the dumps, just listen to this. A few seconds into this song and at least for a moment, the hardships of entrepreneurship won't seem so bad.


Alba is Storyteller at Technology HUB

Contact her: +52 1 (656) 611 11 11 ext 157 --->

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