Text as Art- Butterfly Izza khalid


For my research, I decided to find photos and sketches of nature-based subjects, as I wanted to challenge myself.


I attempted to reconstruct the images, with the addition of my own style, in order to practice creating these kind of shapes and structures.

3 Rough Sketches

For my final product, I chose to do butterflies and as a result I drew rough sketches which explored different shapes. In the end, I picked the third illustration, because I liked the form of it better than the other depictions.

Final Picture


My final piece incorporates colourful butterflies, which have been abstracted and placed in a way which gives the work a patterned look.

Furthermore, my inspiration came from butterflies, as I love their form and colour.

Moreover, I experienced many design problems, as I had to restart multiple times due to either a lack of inspiration or due to creating pieces which were too complex and time-consuming. Eventually, the final product ended up being quite simple. To add to that, I would like to improve by enhancing my time management skills and by not over-thinking every small detail.

Overall, however, I like the hues and the abstract quality of this project.


Created with images by Karen Roe - "BT Artbox - Fabulous"

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