Momentum!! February Week 3

Hey Jedi and Padawan, we have major Momentum right now... and it reminds me this song from one of my favorite christian artist...


  • We have added close to 900 people in our services in the last 3 months!
  • We have grown by an average of more than 100 kids in the same time period
  • Here's the growth curb since the holidays AGAIN!
That's a whole lot of blessings right there!

Like noted in the last few weeks, churches don't grow much in North America. And if they do, they don't grow much

We are an exception to the rule here at Lifepoint

It is nothing short of miraculous, we are in the middle of a God-given Momentum. More on this in our JEDI TRAINING ACADEMY below.

I've been in a season of exceptional growth before, in another surrounding. It's a blessing to live it here. And this growth does come in like a flood.

I love this verse where David talks about the people of Lord, called "troops".

Your troops will be willing to fight (are full of willingness, totally devoted) for you on the day (your moment) of battle. Psalm 110:3

Our willingness, our devotion to Him, to His church, our church, to fight as team will bring us growth...

At this continued growth rate, well....

Entertain The Right Things

Although God created us for healthy, life-giving relationships, great relationships don’t just happen. They take time, effort and intentionality. You can have lasting, healthy, life-giving relationships if you are willing to set and pursue relationship goals. They are possible, even in a culture where purity, integrity and commitment are no longer celebrated.

Your growth depends on how deep you commit to growing! So dig deeper.


It is next TUESDAY and it will be held here at the Fred campus Tuesday, February 21, from 7:00 to 8:30 pm

Childcare is provided. And oh yeah, RSVP is necessary.

I want to offer an opportunity for someone to serve on that evening. Since we are offering childcare, we will need people to help in our environments. It's an all-campus event so we do have other KP people from elsewhere serving with us, team mates as well as team leaders.

EACH COACH from QUEST, DIVE and TREK find 1 volunteer to help on that evening

The name of that person needs to be confirmed by SUNDAY AM


  • February 12th and 26th - VO @ 8:30 & 4pm
  • February 19th - Baptism
  • March 21th - Team Night 6:30-8:30 PM
  • March 26th - Family Dedication Service 2:30-3:30 PM
  • April 1st - Formal training for our Fred KP volunteers (more to come)
Come on coaches, these times are specifically planned for you!!! If you've got another time, ask me. It can be live or by video.

Team Leaders, you can fill in these spots if I'm available. Just go faster that your coach!

It is OUR word of the year!
  • Pst Shawn and Jennifer have baby number 1 on the way. Pray for them.
  • We've added many new families to our campus lately. Pray they get connected soon.
  • Pray for your team mates kids' that they choose to follow Christ and have a very "boring" testimony : "I met Christ when I was young and followed Him all my life!"
  • I will also mention my sister who is now battling breast cancer. I believe in miracles. Pray for healing and courage in the battle.
  • Kelsey Adler (Quest K-1) is getting married in April and is feeling really stressed, scared and overwhelmed with how to move forward (look for new job, stay at this job and see how it plays out, etc).Let's pray for her.
  • Evelyn Hoyle-Steele (TREK) has undergone surgery. Let's pray for a good recovery.
  • Let's pray for FUTURE NEW VOLUNTEERS!
Last week, 4 coaches replaced me. They did great. Thanks to all of you.
  • Richard "Kit Fisto" Ramos (Echeck) lead the 8AM service
  • Melissa "Qui Gon Jinn" Sizemore (Quest AM) lead the 9:30AM service
  • Lauren "Aayla Secura" Cannavo (Quest PM) lead the 11:30AM service
  • Kat "Obi Wan Kenobi" Bates (DIVE) lead the 5PM service

Specifics in environments

  • SMALL GROUP: Small group is a great time for you to connect with our bunch. Take that time to do just that: connect!
  • Make sure you take time to pray with them
  • Introduce the lesson and theme of the day when you start of the small group before worship


  • I love you guys spirit of generosity of love you spread to our kids. Kudos to you!
  • Make sure your rooms are clean when you leave. Another group is coming after you


  • Make sure you keep ALL MATERIAL available for the 5PM team
  • You're doing great guys!
  • Fill out you attendance sheets, they are not optional!


  • As a reminder, challenge our kids to keep pushing themselves during the week by using YouVersion
  • They can also fill out their cards during the week
  • As leaders of that group, have an attitude of worship when you join Quest 2-3 in the theater. They will follow your lead. Participate. I should see and hear you singing and having fun
  • You guys have been adding up some crazy numbers on Sunday mornings.
  • Keep getting there on time, it's a way you show Honor to your teammates, the kids and their parents
  • Make sure your rooms are clean when you leave. Another group is coming after you
  • Fill out you attendance sheets, they are not optional!
  • Keep on loving these babies.
  • Snacks are now put in every room instead of being centrally stacked
  • Try to memorize some parents' names this week

TREK AND QUEST K-3: Our in-house series Camp Ikenbee is in it's 3rd week.

It should be cleaned up by now! I will check it out this week.


There are so many devotionals out there. Here are a few.

  1. Allie Carson (DIVE team AM leader), thanks so much for investing in your team and team mates by benighted TL in DIVE during our Leadership Development Night
  2. Luxi Qin (Pronounce Lucy Chin) is learning the ropes of a SGL in TREK.
  3. Again, welcome to Kaylin Hare and Michelle "Julianne Moore" Toia as our newest team leaders in Dive.
  4. Faith Martino and her "GROW" team are just GREAT.
  5. I want to honor Pastor Shawn today. His love for our campus and each of you is deep. And i love that about him.


What is that famous thing we call "momentum"?

What momentum is not
  • it is not speed. For example, people say : "We're going so fast we've got momentum". No you don't, you've got speed!
  • it is not movement. For example, people say : "We're moving like crazy, we've got momentum". No you don't, you've got movement!
  • it is not a wandering path, or a moving journey
Momentum is about...
  • weight and movement TOGETHER. The bigger the weight, the bigger the faster movement, the bigger Momentum is. A great example of momentum is a small snow ball at the top of hill would have a lot of momentum at the bottom of it after gathering more sticky snow (weight) and speed going downhill (movement).
  • a change of state that provokes movement. Think of a funny video. you know.... Wipeout style. (Yes, I find that VERY funny!)

Think something moving, heavy towards something not so heavy.

Momentum is WEIGHT multiplied by SPEED

The bigger the weight and the faster the speed is, the bigger MOMENTUM happens

  • In our case, weight is 900 people added, over 100 NEW kids in a few weeks.
  • In our case, speed is the "few weeks" during which all this happened!
  • All this equals with TONS of momentum, and it's hard to stop.
Momentum is a blessing

We have the blessing to see hundreds of people come to Christ, kids lives changed, destinies changing trajectories. And we get to be part of it!

Most people (because I can't say no one) will never live and experience this sort of movement from God, this gracious "one moment in history" type of a deal.

So it is a blessing, it is a joyful moment of reaping, a moment in history to be remembered. So we are MAKING HISTORY RIGHT NOW!

Momentum comes also with some growing pains

We have new kids...that don't know how to react to church, or way more kids than usual...but have the same team we had when 480 kids visited us!

This is why we need to share the load, the weight of ministry with others

Momentum CAN be stopped by negative force
  • Jedi would say the Dark side) will push against God-given momentum.
  • Negative attitudes towards change or ministry load
  • Lack of rejoicing of new people becoming fully alive
  • Pushing against the movement of God by resisting it
  • Movement in the wrong direction ( not going with the "flow")
  • Non-movement or refusing to move. Think of this image...
What keeps Momentum going
  • Moving in the same direction of it : we call this riding the wave
  • Digging deep in the actual movement: we call digging deep
  • Pressing harder and deeper in resources : we call this riding the wave HARD! We dig deep in with our volunteers so they participate in the momentum
  • Embracing the moment and rejoicing in it
  • Entrust more people to do the work of ministry.
  • Have more people being really active on a Sunday.
Momentum happens way before we can actually see its beginnings

The story of Elijah and his servant is great reminder of this. verses 41 to 45.

  1. Elijah "hears sound of heavy rain" in a period of drought.
  2. His servant doesn't see anything
  3. He finally sees, after 7 trips to the top of the mountain, "A cloud as small as a man’s hand is rising from the sea." That is the start of momentum.
  4. And the rain finally breaks down! You see the results of your work, later, sometimes, way later! A series of small events upstream will bring big results downstream.
  • You MUST be less of a "do-er" and more of a "be-er" (I know this sword does not exist!).
  • Teach more, show more, do less. By doing this, you are, we are multiplying hands that will actually work. Every week, show 1 person something they should be doing in your place!
  • Be more of a talker to parents, folks in the foyer.
The things you have heard me say, entrust to reliable people who will also be qualified to teach others.

A little reminder of some goals that have not changed !!

  1. Become 3 deep in all of our leadership positions by June 30th
  2. Have 1 ready-to-go padawan each by February 28th. This si soon.
  3. Effective communication by February 15th
  4. Recruit 30 NEW volunteers by March 31st . We're close to that right now!
  5. Matching Arena and your schedules by February 21st: new notes ( THIS ONE IS NOT NECESSARILY CLOSE TO BEING DONE). use the docs Lindsey sent you. Our official new teams will be the ones on Arena Roster. (if there are 15 people noted on 1a, that will be considered the team)
  6. Every week, show 1 person something they should be doing in your place!
  7. Talk to 1 parent per service, every week. Many will join the team!
  8. Speed up connection process : refer to the "Orientation & Connection Process". document. 2 weeks MAX from V.O. to Team mate

Jedi, you are ready for some MOMENTUM

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