Cold vs. Flu Lauren Weese

Origination of the Common Cold

Scientists have found that migratory birds lead to the origination of the Common Cold about 200 years ago.

Originations of the Seasonal Flu

In 1933, Wilson Smith, Christopher Andrews and Patrick Laidrow identified that the virus only effects humans if they serve as a proper host for the virus. Also the origination is led all the way back 6000 years to when humans first started to domesticate animals.

Signs and Symptoms of the Cold

Fever is fairly rare when it comes to having a cold, but productive coughs are often if not always present. Aches and pains are minor along with chills. Sneezing and stuffy noses come with colds, along with sore throats and chest discomfort.

Poor Kermit has a cold

Symptoms of the Flu

A low grade fever and a dry cough come with the flu, along with chills and a runny nose. Moderate body aches, headaches and sore throats are the most common symptoms of a cold.

How are the Diseases Spread?

Due to being both viruses, they are spread pretty similarly. It is spread by touching the skin of someone who has the infectious droplets on their skin and then proceeding to touch your mouth, nose or eyes. When an infected person coughs or sneezes, the germs are launched into the air. Physical contact, such as kissing, can also transmit the virus.

Don't shake this man's hand, he has the Flu and he just sneezed in this very hand... gross

Treatment for the Diseases

The treatment plan for both the Cold and the Flu are one in the same. They include getting plenty of rest, staying hydrated, and to relieve any pain or fever you should take anti-inflammatory over the counter medications (advil, acetaminophen, tylenol). For cough and congestion, taking over the counter cough suppressants and decongestants such as Mucinex or Sudafed (these medications contain pseudaphedrine that can increase the risk of stroke or existing heart conditions). To further prevent infection to anyone, you should cover your mouth and if it's necessary to be in public, wear a mask.

Kermit is the Premier Model to follow when it comes to preserving your health


A common area that the cold and flu spread is a school. For instance, if a kid attends school with a low grade fever, they are hosts of either the Cold or Flu virus. Going to class, they can pass these germs onto the desk that they sit in, people they touch, and if they have a cough or sneeze those germs can transmit in the air. This leaves plenty of opportunities for the other children to catch these germs on accident.

Be happy. Be Healthy. Be Kermit.


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