What is among us?

Among us is viral video game that can be played on a phone or with a PC. Friends and other users can play together in this intense "who done it" style game.

The game is based off of the story of several Cremates aboard a spaceship who must complete routine tasks to keep the spaceship going. However among the Crewmates are either one or more impostors who are not supposed to be aboard the ship. These impostors kill the Crewmates aboard the ship and it is the job of the Crewmates to discover who it is.

How to play?

  1. Users first must join a server either through a code given to them or through selecting random online servers
  2. Once in the server, users can choose the color of their character as well as accessorizing their character with hats.
  3. Once the game starts, the user is randomly assigned the role of an impostor or a crewmate

Role of the Crewmate:

  1. Cremates must complete all tasks given as well as work together to find the impostor
  2. Crewmates must report if they find dead bodies, or see anything suspicious
  3. All members aboard the spaceship must work together and discuss who they believe the impostor is and get rid of them while completing their tasks
  4. Members aboard the spaceship vote on who they believe the impostor is and eject them from the ship

Role of the Impostor:

  1. The job of the impostor is to kill all of the Crewmates without getting caught,
  2. The impostor can travel through air vents throughout the ship in order to get from one area to another efficiently.
  3. The impostor can also fake report a dead body or sabotage the tasks of the cremates.
  4. Impostors must be good at lying as during the discussion they must make a convincing case that they aren't the killer.
  5. There can be more than 1 impostor which increases the difficulty of the game.

Who wins?

  • If the impostor successfully kills all of the Crewmates then the impostor wins
  • If the Crewmates correctly vote who the impostor and eject them, then the Crewmates win

What Kind of Among Us Player Are You?

Among Us is available on IOS & Android!