GO Transformation of words into new patterns of meaning ... it`s your story that matters

GO is the start sequence for people in dreadlocked situations. GO is the short form of Gudrun Otten. I am a challenger, listener and pathfinder. My passion are words and meaning. The biggest value for my clients lies in the processes they initiate.

This is the time to begin acting

My personal story starts in Rhineland, to be more precisely in Rheydt, where the textile industry flourished in the 60th and 70th. Weaving mills, spinning mills, dying mills, along with a powerful textile machine industry. Here I had my first jobs as a interpreter and translator. The fabric of language was magical for me and I enjoyed enabling connection, deep listening, understanding, mindfulness, bridging.

The overall feeling of orderliness which I am able to establish through language.

Language as a fabric has its own color and structure. It forms a great part of our identity and culture. Which word had a great impact in your life? Which is the word you miss in your life?

As long as there is breath moving in and out you can update the narrative

Together we start the work of integration and reframing!!

There is a river between emotion and language

The story of my family is a story of touching. I grew up in a therapy centre focused life. My whole family had been working in the field of massages so I felt a bit obligated to join the club. I started my second career as a body therapist and enjoyed the deep connection: to my tribe and the people I had the honour to work with.

The language of the body is another kind of language with own grammar. Our bodies contain wise stories, most of them forgotten, but if you listen very deep, a soft voice starts a silent dialogue.

Understanding the language of our bodies forms a great part of my work and again its a work of connecting: the body and the mind.


My interest in the interrelation between the individual narrative and the larger narratives of systems brought me to the University of Cantabria. At the age of 45 I started my third career as MBA. Master Thesis: Poetry and Business.

Words are like oxigene

My mission in these processes of change: ask the right questions, enabling positive communication, open a safe place and hold it.

Here is where transformation starts. Enjoy the process!

A new story is emerging

For further information please contact: info@go-impuls.com phone: +34 671 691 334

Thank you for your time and interest in my personal story!

Photo Credits: Jens F.Kruse 2017 https://www.mallorca360grad.com/

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