London - The Crowding Glory Finding bliss in the august london crowds

Peak August tourist season in London.

There were crowds of people everywhere we went. The long queues, the long waits, the different languages, the varied skin colors, the excited voices, the trendy clothes, the mixed hair colors, the sparkle in the eyes, the sporty shoes, the packed shows, the crowded restaurants.

The telephone booth, the zipping cyclists, the red buses, the rounded cavernous cabs, the open topped buses, the twisting river, the rotating eye, the meridian line, the innumerable bridges, the fine museums, the imposing buildings, the time-machine like tubes, the open parks, the sudden rains, then the clear skies

We loved it all

The experience was also very educative

A great tolerance of individual expression. No staring. No passing comments. No honking. A respect for pedestrians. The countless times you hear the words thank you and sorry spoken. The experience of being in the crowd and never being touched. Or pushed. The respect shown for the elderly, the children and the infirm.

The live and let live attitude. The festival atmosphere. The pleasure of discovering your personal space. The sight of people respecting and not breaking the queue.

The pleasure of seeing rules being followed.

Pure pleasure

Nirvana actually

It's finding bliss amidst the crowds in London

It's learning a lesson from the crowds in London

Would I like to return to London?

Of course. Is that even a question.

Would I like to return during the crowds


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