Coffee Topic A night On local trip

Sparkles ourselves with some fresh fruit juice and a blended shake.

Specially Tom Yum Fried Spaghetti with Teriyaki Chicken Topping

Texture and the softness of the spaghetti is very well maintained. It was worth for a few chews. Sauce was just sufficient to form a layer on the spaghetti without much complaints on salty.

Chicken was cooked nicely with juice flowing out on your bite. Combination or fusion of this dish has really brought a new match in the western cuisine.

Black Pepper Chicken Chop

Served with greens and oranges

The chicken was very tender on your bite with juices flowing in your mouth. It was crispy on the outside and soft/tender on the inside. It goes easy on senior citizen.

Fries were crispy and the greens were flawless.

Sambal fried Chicken with Petai

Served with rice

The aroma and taste of this dish was very strong. It has given me the very local taste and yet the spices was moderate and it goes easy on non local people.

With the separated served spices, offers the option of the spicy level for everyone.

Homemade Sauce Katsu Chicken

Serves with rice

Crispy and tender fried chicken topped with house specialty sauce. It really goes easy on your tongue and on the first layer of the sauce, followed by the crispy and tender texture on the next layers. The dish is full of surprises when you have a bite with the mixture of house sauce, crisp, tender meat and the flow of the meat juice. Perfect!

Without much delay, it is time to pamper myself with the signature dessert!

Fresh milk flakes topped with yam ice cream

This is really pampering, with the chilled fresh milk poured and flow to the bottom of the cup. Leaving the milk aroma on every scope of your taste. Flakes gives crips, yam gives sweetness and fresh milk bring both texture to melt in mouth! Pampered!

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