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Syringe Exchange

Saving lives, one day at a time!!!

Monday & Wednesday

Syringe Exchange

1:30pm – 3pm

On the corner of James P. Brawley/Cameron Alexander.


Syringe Exchange Little Five Points

9:30am – 11:30am

In the Zestos Plaza on Euclid/Moreland Ave.


Through Prevention, free and confidential HIV, HCV, and STI (Gonorrhea, Chlamydia, Syphilis, and Trichomoniasis) testing, male and female condoms, pamphlets, and lubricants are offered to high risk individuals and communities with the mission of preventing transmission of the virus/es and decreasing morbidity and mortality related to HIV/AIDS, Hepatitis C, and STIs. This program helps individuals learn about their status, receive counseling on their high risk behaviors, receive recommendations on preventive methods, and learn ways to protect themselves and their partners, and more. Testing and supply distribution are offered at our Testing Clinic Monday through Friday and offsite through our Mobile Health Unit Monday through Sunday. Through our partnership with organizations, health departments, universities, clubs/bars, and churches confidential testing and supply distribution is offered in counties of DeKalb and Fulton.

Linkage: You are being linked!

The Linkage to Care Program at AHRC is a confidential one on one intervention that aims at identifying, linking, and retaining patients/clients in HIV/HCV/STI, substance use and mental health care. The program also helps in linking those in need to housing, furniture, transportation, and vision care. Our experienced and dedicated linkage specialists work with our patients/clients in providing motivational interviewing, identifying barriers, and linkage to the best care available in the city of Atlanta. Patients/clients continue receiving motivational interviewing and connection to resources 18 weeks following their initial visit. Through our partnership with Grady Hospital, Grady Liver Clinic, Grady IDP, Fulton County Department of Health and Wellness, AID Atlanta, Mercy Cares, HEALing Community Center and Odyssey Family Counseling Center, linkage to health care, psychiatric, and addiction medicine are further offered to patients/clients.

Healthy Meal Initiative: One Meal, One Lesson, One Healthy Life!

The Healthy Meal Initiative (HMI) is a collaborative effort between AHRC and the Community Food Bank in respond to the lack of local access to healthy foods and high mortality rates in low-income urban communities of color. This program offers brown bag lunches four times a week emphasizing on spirituality, health, literacy, and media. The materials discussed during groups help individuals make safer choices in life thereby preventing them from morbidity and mortality associated with high risk behaviors such as conflict and anger, substance use, infectious and chronic diseases. Groups further serve as an outlet of learning about new materials through reading books and watching documentaries. Lunches provided during groups further help in maintaining a well-balanced, nutritious diet to the participants by providing a variety of nutritious food including meat and vegetables. AHRC’s experienced chef uses the food pyramid in preparing lunches for group participants.

Direct Client Services: Welcome Home!

The Direct Services Program at AHRC uses a comprehensive approach in removing barriers to poor urban communities by providing access to food, water, telephone, computer, transportation, ID and birth Certificate, hygiene kits, and clothing through our Community Drop-in-Center four days a week. At AHRC we understand that lack of such services is responsible in preventing individuals achieving healthy lives. Our services are free and confidential and the safe space at the Drop-in-Center allows for clients to socialize, eat and drink, share ideas, and access resources. Our computer lab, bulletin board, and dedicated workers at the Drop-in-Center are great resources for accessing job readiness and identification of employment. Our Drop-in-Center is open on Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays and always welcomes walk-ins.

Mothers On Move (MOM): Power of One!

Mothers On Move (MOM) Program at AHRC serves mothers and grandmothers 18 years of age and older who are supporting at least one child under the age of 18 and who have experienced or are experiencing domestic violence, homelessness, mental health, substance use, and/or poverty. The purpose of MOM is to assist low-income single mothers/grandmothers and their children in achieving independent, self-sufficient lives through group discussions, support from our experienced group facilitators and case managers, identification of strategies that allow for positive parenting and enhancement of self-esteem, identification of impacts caused by domestic violence, substance use, and mental health conditions, and access to services. MOM provides a comprehensive array of services including case management, assistance with acquiring ID and birth certificate, access to in house individual and group counseling, parenting education, assistance with housing and governmental benefits (e.g. food stamp), access to transportation, food, clothing, and hygiene kits, referrals, resume building and job identification, toys for tots during Christmas season, school supplies, and linkage to healthcare needs. Through our partnership with Grady Hospital, HEALing Community Center and Odyssey Family Counseling Center, linkage to psychiatric needs, addiction medicine, and other healthcare needs are further offered to mothers/grandmothers and their children. AHRC’s safe space and parenting group are designed specifically for MOM helping participant to feel comfortable opening up about their problems and seek solutions to overcome them.

Drug Policy: Together We CAN!!!

The Policy program at AHRC uses advocacy and education in bringing awareness to political leaders, communities, organizations, universities, and public on the benefits and importance of harm reduction strategies designed for substance users, sex-workers, former inmates, people living with HIV and/or Hepatitis C, and homeless population. This program works closely with officials, police force, students, and entities in promoting collaborations and legislative changes in the state of Georgia that will protect the rights of AHRC's target population. AHRC firmly believes and promotes equality and equity as well as social and racial justice for all.

To learn about AHRC's current Policy activities and to get involved in our work please refer to advocates tab under how you can help link.

Harm Reduction Therapy: I'm here to listen..

Harm Reduction Therapy is designed to provide mental health and substance use counseling for adults 18 years of age and older who are challenged with mental health, substance use, and/or Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). Harm Reduction Therapy provides our clients’ strategies to have healthy relationships, make good life choices, maintain physical health and well-being, handle the natural ups and downs of life and have effective strategies for coping and challenges, and discover and grow towards their potential. Using the harm reduction approach, our experienced counselors work with clients in choosing their most urgent issue to focus on. Therapy is offered at individual and group level using evidence based practices, and is designed to be directed at the need of the client, meet the client where he/she is, lack judgement, and be provided with compassion and respect. Our counseling Center uses the feedback of our clients in designing group therapy that will best resonate with their needs. Through our partnership with Grady Hospital, Odyssey Family Counseling Center, and other treatment centers, linkage to psychiatric needs and addiction medicine is further offered to those clients with higher needs that can’t be met at our center.

Keeping Industrial Sex workers Safe (K.I.S.S) : Kissing your problems away!

Keeping Individual Sex-workers Safe (KISS) uses a science and evidence-based approach to effectively address the health disparities of individual sex-workers who are at risk for violence, arrest, and HIV/AIDS and STI infections. This program helps in increasing awareness of personal risk behaviors, providing harm reduction alternatives, and increasing access to bio, psychosocial, and medical services by engaging sex-workers through consistent outreach and meaningful conversation, education, interventions, and distribution of supplies (condoms, lubricants, hygiene kits, crack pipe holders, pregnancy tests, panties, food, and Marta cards). This program is delivered through AHRC’s Mobile Health Unit (MHU) twice a month in different locations in Atlanta.

Research: Learning New Ideas!

The research program at AHRC seeks to identify new approaches in removing barriers for communities who are facing racial and social injustice, develop new programs using research findings, and promote the dissemination of knowledge among scholars, health care and service providers. Our research team goes in to the heart of the community to capture quantitative and qualitative data, providing us the opportunity to have an academic and community focus research. The ultimate goal of our research program is to present our findings and recommendations at local, national, and international conferences and journals in order to help scholars and service providers use our findings in implementing evidence based programs in their communities. In addition, in partnering with Morehouse School of Medicine (Project IMHOTEP), Emory University Center for Ethics (Servant Leadership Program), Georgia State University School of Public Health, and other universities across nation, undergraduate and graduate students are provided with the opportunity to collaborate with our research team in receiving mentorship, collecting and analyzing data and identifying new findings.

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