Whittling By Daniel Jenkins

What is Whittling?

Whittling is a very old hobby. It is very cheap, and to some, relaxing. It began when people learned how to make different wooden objects using a sharp tool and is one of the oldest types of artistic creations. Whittling is very similar to woodcarving, which is essentially carving something out of wood.

Whittling requires only a knife and some wood. You use the knife to chip of small pieces of wood to cut down the wood to the desirable shape and size. There are three different main types of whittling cuts. The most basic cut is straightaway rough cutting. It is the simplest cut and the most common cut. Another cut is the pull stroke (pare cut). The final cut is the push stroke (thumb pushing).

The three main cuts.

For my presentation I chose to whittle a fish. I wanted to do this because because I like working with wood quite a bit, I like working with knives, and my brother whittled for a little while as well.

I had many challenges in this project. The biggest ones were these:

  • Blunt knives
  • Wood being too hard (originally chose basswood)
  • Wood splintering
  • Arm getting tired very quickly
  • Blisters and cuts

But I realized that there was a simple solution to all of these problems with a little helpful advise. Here are the solutions I found:

  • I started using an Exacto knife instead of my blunt pocket knife
  • Restared project on a softer wood (changed to pine)
  • Used a wood carving V-cut to get rid of splinters
  • Took small breaks in between
  • Bandaged my finger and continued

I learned a lot about whittling through this project, and I had fun. Whittling is a great hobby, and can be very enjoyable.

Created By
Daniel Jenkins

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