Olivia's Journey to Excellence Cu1010

"Olivia’s Journey to Excellence" is a portfolio created by me and for me. This portfolio includes several different exhibits that show study skills and time management habits that I have experimented on. Through these exhibits, I have grown more knowledgeable about my habits as a student. Going into this class, I honestly thought it was a joke. I knew the mistakes I had made the previous semester that helped get me to this point. I didn’t want to participate in a class that was going to make me feel dumber than I had already felt. But that wasn’t the purpose of this portfolio nor the class itself. CU1010 has been a wonderful experience. I have had a wonderful teacher, Cari Brooks, to guide me through this process. She has been so great with caring for us as students and helping us grow as adults in and out of the classroom. Not only has Cari been so great to us, but she’s brought in numerous speakers that have helped shed some insight into their experiences that will help us to determine what we need to do.

On top of the skills we have acquired, the speakers we have listened to, we also read a couple of wonderful books. I thoroughly enjoyed reading the books assigned to us. The books assigned were books that helped me to gain motivation to become a better student. Motivation has been one of my biggest issues when it came to school work. However, after completing this portfolio, I know now that school is very important. School is not only important to gain knowledge necessary for my career, but also in gaining social skills and time management skills as well. School may be very difficult at times but it is necessary for us to blossom into the adults we were meant to be. I hope that whoever comes across this portfolio will gain some insight into my world as a student. In analyzing my portfolio, you will come across my strengths and weaknesses as not only a student, but as a person outside of the classroom as well.

I am so glad that I was put into this class or else I wouldn’t have gained the friendships, skills, and knowledge that I did. Although I hope that no one should reach the point I did to realize what is truly important, I hope that somehow everyone can gain the knowledge and skills that I have gained. Step into my world, read the progress I have made, and apply these concepts in your own life. If you do these things, you too can begin on the path to excellence. My path may not still be perfect but perfection isn’t the goal. It’s the process, motivation, and effort that will lead me to excellence. No one should be expected to be perfect, but everyone should be expected to work to the best of their abilities time and time again. Consistency is the key here. I know that if I continue to work as I have been working, I will achieve excellence.


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