Term 3 2020 Newsletter Learners today, Leaders tomorrow

Principals Report

Dear Parents, Carers, Students and School Supporters

It has been fantastic to see our students enjoying the many activities that staff have provided for them over this term which is a far cry from the limited events of the previous semester.

Just in the past two weeks we have seen two fundraising sausage sizzles with accompanying students and staff shaving their heads for worthy causes. We've also had school camps, excursions, debating competitions, athletics carnivals, a Year 11 Dinner-Dance, after-school tuition for Year 12 students, and a full week of performing and visual arts events. Held twice per day these Arts events which showcased our very talented students (and staff) singing, dancing, playing in bands, creating a wonderful indigenous art piece and generally enjoying all that the creative arts have to offer.

I sincerely thank my staff for their energy and commitment in providing these opportunities for all of our students, and I acknowledge the magnificent way in which the students demonstrated their acceptance and gratitude of their peers for having the courage to perform in front of them. These events just continue to reinforce how strongly the Lynwood Senior High School community embraces our school values, particularly inclusivity, respect, creativity and achieving our personal best.

I expect that you are now all aware that Lynwood Senior High School will be receiving $18.3 million in upgrades to some of our facilities. This is very welcome and I am looking forward to working with an architect, hopefully next term, to shape the improvements that our students so richly deserve. The upgrade will consist of a performing and visual arts centre, a new gymnasium and some classrooms. As a result of this project, there will also be some refurbishing or re-purposing of some other rooms. It is not envisaged that there will be much, if any disruption to students during the building phase, as the buildings are new.

The Year 12 students have almost finished – just some events at the beginning of Term 4, and again we say farewell to a group of young men and women who have become such a special part of our school. I know that you will join with me in wishing each and every one of our Year 12 students, success and happiness as they prepare for WACE Exams, and start the transition into further study or training or the world of work.

I wish all students and their families a happy and relaxing school break, and I look forward to working with our community in Term 4.

Geraldine Hardy - Principal

From the Coach

Year 10 Carnival

2020 has taken a lot out of football and, in the local sense that meant no South East Zone Championships for Year 7, 8 or 9. Fortunately, the Year 10s had the opportunity to play their finals. The approach to the finals wasn’t great, as inconsistency at training started to put a little bit of doubt into whether they could be the 4th team in Lynwood’s history to do the complete sweep of championships in Year 7, 8, 9 and 10. It was a very comfortable Year 7 win, after the previous two years where they had only managed 1-0 and 2-1 wins over challengers, Kelmscott, in very tight clashes. So would this lack of focus at training be the downfall of the team? Not a chance!

Technically and tactically stronger than everyone on the day, Lynwood started with a 1-0 win over rivals Kelmscott with Jameson providing the winning goal in the first half. The score line suggested a tighter game, but Lynwood probably should have won by more, as Kelmscott were definitely not the force they were in previous years. A 3-0 win over plucky Yule Brook followed as Noah, Jack and Elias all scored long range efforts, but it wasn’t our best game as Yule Brook constantly asked questions of the Lynwood defence. The third game saw Lynwood finally hit their straps with an 8-0 win over Canning Vale. It was a complete performance with two goals from Jameson and Trent, Christian with the single and a hat trick from centre back-come striker, Griffen. With the title secured, Lynwood put it to bed with a 6-0 win over Southern River as Jameson and Jack got their second goals, Aaron his first and Dylan a hattrick. The third was a quality training ground move well finished.

It was a clean sweep of Year 7, 8, 9 and 10 titles for this cohort, finishing in style with all games won and zero goals conceded.

State Players

Congratulations to Purvish Appadoo, Marino Gojak and Anne Mayoe for making their respective Football West State teams. What a fantastic achievement! Unfortunately, due to restrictions, there is no trip this year but there will be a series of friendlies that will be played, recorded and sent to the National selectors. Hopefully they will catch their eye and make us proud.

Tony Campbell – Soccer Academy Coach

Year 7 Coordinator's Report

It has been a busy Term for the Year 7s. They have been on their first excursion to the Zoo, taken part in their first Athletics Carnival and experienced High School life more fully with a return to the new normal. Congratulations to Caleb Payne and Indiana Burton on winning Champion Boy and Champion Girl for the Year 7s and to runners up Pharell Ajayi and Charlotte Toohey.

The Year 7s also elected their Student Council Representatives who have been working hard in taking part in school events and fundraisers for the first time this Term. Congratulations to all of our elected Year 7 Student Council Representatives and all nominees who took part in speeches in front of the entire Year 7 Cohort during the nomination process.

Year 7 Elected Student Council Representatives 2020:

  • Sora Shibata
  • Wasiq Jhalak
  • Cassidy Kinners
  • Kendra Manlapaz
  • Madie Ross
  • Charlotte Toohey

Congratulations also to all of the winners of Semester One Awards, including Subject Awards and Year Coordinators Awards.

Year Coordinator Award Semester One 2020: Congratulations to Pharell Ajayi and Emily Darby

Most Consistent Awards:

  • Srivaan Joshy
  • Juliet Liu
  • Jacky Che
  • Fatima Faisal
  • Yi Wen Low
  • Dora Tan
  • Most Improved:
  • Kiranveer Nibber
  • Delina Gebrezgabher
  • Delina Gebrezgabher
  • Dhiyaan Magan
  • Jade Flynn
  • Simranpreet Kang
  • Saliha Parhar
  • Ali Sher Rezai

The fun continues next term with the Outback Splash Reward excursion planned for the last week of school. Students are reminded to ensure they have and maintain their Good Standing so that they can attend.

Roslyn Town - Year 7 Coordinator

Athletics Carnival

Blessed with perfect conditions and a large group of students embracing the spirit of the 2020 carnival, it was guaranteed to be a huge success, students dressing up in colourful team uniforms and joined in the fun with an enthusiastic attitude. the 2020 carnival was ensured of being a huge success. As is now becoming tradition, the day commenced with the student oath and national anthem before competition started with tunnel ball events. The usual mix of fun team games (vortex throw, sack race, leader ball and tunnel ball) and customary athletic events – 100m, 800m, long jump, shot put and relays – resulted in eager competition enjoyed by the happy student population. The excellent example of behavior and participation set by the large contingent of upper school students was most infectious on all present. It was also wonderful to see the Year 7 students thoroughly enjoy their first Lynwood Athletics Carnival.

This year we introduced a new trophy category called the ‘Spirit of Lynwood Award’. This trophy was awarded to the best individual and team who demonstrated the qualities of inclusivity, respect, resilience, full participation, striving for their best, enjoyment, positivity, fun and manners.

Many thanks to all involved in the carnival in making it such a positive and outstanding day for everyone. Congratulations to all the students on their efforts and support of the carnival.

‘Spirit of Lynwood" Award

  • Individual Winner: Alicia Ward (Year 12)
  • Winning Team: Year 10 Team 5 – Daniel Affitzal, Aaron Barnes, Jamie Barrett, Jack Burrowes, Taylor Dowsett, Danny Htoo, Toby Jeppesen, Jameson Slater, Daniel Verdonk.
  • Year 7 Girls: Indianna Burton / Runner Up: Charlotte Toohey
  • Year 7 Boys: Caleb Payne / Runner Up: Pharrell Ajayi
  • Year 8 Girls: Claire Mirco / Runner Up: Zahara Burton
  • Year 8 Boys: Aiden Bong / Runner Up: Benjamin Lazaroo
  • Year 9 Girls: Jazzmyn Blankendaal / Runner Up: Olivia Pinto
  • Year 9 Boys: Ezekiel Morrison / Runner Up: Alfie James
  • Year 10 Girls: Victoria Anango / Runner Up: Harriet Abawu
  • Year 10 Boys: Theo Steed / Runner Up: Danny Htoo
  • Senior School Girls: Abena Selormey / Runner Up: Amber Deness
  • Senior School Boys: Jiddan Muhafidin / Runner Up: Nandu Shibu

Ian Bycroft - Head of Health & Phys Ed

Year 9 Coordinator's Report

The Year 9 students have done well to ease back into their schooling after a very different Term Two! We were also able to recommence activities originally scheduled for earlier in the year, including the ABCN Future Thinkers program. Participants worked in small groups with mentors to apply creative and innovative problem-solving skills to set tasks. The students involved developed the strategies and confidence to approach new challenges and learnt valuable lessons about perseverance.

The much-anticipated athletics carnival was a wonderful way to end the term, with students taking part in events such as distance running, tunnel ball and vortex. Congratulations to Ezekiel Morrison and Jazzmyn Blankendaal who were crowned ‘champions’, Alfie James and Olivia Pinto who were named ‘runners up’, and Team 4 who won the ‘teams’ competition. Each participant is to be congratulated on their enthusiasm and behaviour throughout the day.

As we approach the Term Three holidays, we get closer to our end-of-year incentive excursion. To reward those who have maintained their Good Standing, students will be invited to attend an exciting day of Laser Tag in the Swan Valley. It will be a fun day out for all involved, having to use the many hide-outs to cover the large playing field to defeat the opposing team.

I would like to thank Mrs Alison Lethlean who continued the role of Year Coordinator for Semester One. She ensured the cohort was well-informed and supported, while her enthusiasm in running inter-TAG competitions helped to keep spirits up during a difficult semester. In addition to this, her organisation and professionalism allowed me a smooth transition back.

I commend the Year 9 students on their attitude and behaviour this term and look forward to working with them again as Year Co-ordinator.

Nicole Volaric

Lower School Deputy

Wow again! What an increasingly eventful term we have just experienced once again. I for one am really looking forward to these holidays and taking a break with my family. I’ll be spending some time in Busselton enjoying the beach and the delights of further south. I would again encourage all parents, if they are able to do so, is to get out of the city and experience the country, ‘Wander out Yonder’. Do something different and enjoy the opportunity to bond with your family in the time ahead.

Lynwood has successfully participated in the DETECT School Survey as part of a research opportunity run by TelethonKids, and we have had results back from the surveys. All the students and staff that participated in the nose excavations for COVID testing is to be heartily thanked. The nurses that came each time were highly expressive of the politeness of the students and willingness to help support the trial. Students have been welcoming the extra events happening, I was blown away by the Arts week, Health celebrations and RUOK day.

Thanks to all staff and students for participating in these events.

I wish everyone a safe and productive two weeks away, and look forward to seeing everyone back for the final term of 2020. It will go super-fast.

Andrew Symington - Lower School Deputy Principal

English Learning Area

Well done to all Year 7-10 Lynwood debaters who competed in the first and second round of the Interschool Debating Competition this term. Round One was held at Melville SHS in Week Five and Round Two was held at Fremantle College in Week Nine. We’ve had mixed results so far, including some losses, draws and wins. The Year 8 team are on a winning streak, so we look forward to the third and final round in Term Four Week Three, to be held at Lynwood SHS. Hopefully, they will make it three wins in a row! We also wish our Year 7, 9 and 10 teams the best of luck in this final round. Well done and thank you to all students and staff involved!

We will soon be saying farewell to our 2020 Year 12 students, so on behalf of all teachers in the English Learning Area, I’d like to wish the ATAR students the very best of luck in their upcoming Semester Two exams and final exams in November. To our non-ATAR Year 12s, who are busy completing their courses of study, we wish you all the best in your future endeavours.

Allison Taylor - Head of English

Science Learning Area

It has been wonderful having everything back to normal (mostly) this term. Here are a couple of highlights from the Science Department.


In Week 5, 178 Year 7s visited the Perth Zoo to learn about Biodiversity and Classification. The weather was mostly fine for the morning but it became a bit rainy in the afternoon. This did not dampen the spirits of the students who had a wonderful time. Some of the highlights were the Orangutans and their hessian sack raincoats, and the Penguins. Everyone worked well to complete their workbooks but most of them suffered a soggy end after all of the rain. Thank you to Mr Bilton for organising this excursion

In Week 7, 126 Year 8 students visited the Gravity Discovery Centre in Gingin. There we investigated the solar system, space and how gravitational waves have been recently discovered. Students also learned about the formation of fossils and listened to a talk on meteorites. The highlight of the day though was the 222 steps up the leaning tower of Gingin to test out Galileo’s experiment that proved that all objects accelerate towards Earth at the same rate, regardless of their mass. It was amazing to see so many students overcome their fear of heights and make it to the top of the 45m tower to take part in the experiment. Thank you to Mrs Lavery for organising the day.

Science Week

In Week 4 we celebrated Science Week with a Science Day. We took a deep dive into the ocean using the Virtual Reality set. Students swam with whales, turtles, monster jellyfish and explored the pitch-black abyss of ocean trenches. Students also made seaweed spheres with sodium alginate (extracted from seaweed) and investigated our extensive collection of preserved specimens.

Thank you to all students who participated in activities.

Year 12s

Congratulations and thank you to all Year 12s who have enjoyed a Science course over the past two years. We hope it provides you with the skills, knowledge and enthusiasm you require to begin a successful career in the Sciences. Best of luck to the Year 12s who have ATAR exams. The hard work you have put in will surely be rewarded.

Stileapp and TWIG and SQUIZ

A reminder that all students can access Stileapp and TWIG through logins they use in class. See your teacher if you need help logging in. You can access any of this work at home. Go to www.stileapp.com or www.twig-world.com for more information.

Squiz is a free app provided by Stile that allows you to practice your terminology. Download it and get stuck in. Go to the Appstore on apple or the play store for android.

Enjoy your holidays and I look forward to seeing you all in Term 4.

Mr Foster - Head of Science

Health and Physical Education

Term Three has seen students in the Health and Physical Education Learning Area fully engaged in their timetabled subjects participating fully, achieving great progress and enjoying all the activities they have undertaken. Some of the highlights experienced this term include:

  • Year 10 Health Education students completing their “Keys 4 Life” programme and receiving their Learners Permits.
  • Year 12 Outdoor Education camps and excursions – Mountain Biking and Seatreks
  • Year 10 Zone Carnival – AFL, Basketball, Netball and Soccer
  • Soccer Trials for Year 6s to join the Soccer Academy
  • Soccer after school fixtures in full swing
  • AFL girls and Year 8/9 boys after school football fixtures
  • School Athletics Carnival
  • IEC Athletics Carnival
  • Year 12 Health Expo
  • Year 11 General Physical Education Classes - Golf lessons at Whaleback Golf Course

Year 12 Mountain Biking Excursion

Year 12 Outdoor Education students enjoyed a great day of mountain bike riding along some trails near Dwellingup. First up was the Marrinup circuit which has a picturesque ride through the jarrah forest. It took about an hour to complete and included some rock and log obstacles to negotiate. The highlight was at the end when Ms Paterson took it upon herself to demonstrate in front of the whole group how to perform an uncontrolled dismount.

We had lunch in Dwellingup at the new BMX track which some students found quite challenging and then went to Turner’s Hill for our final ride. Turner’s Hill is a tough circuit involving a windy trail on the way up and then a fast descent coming down. It took the group an hour and a half to complete and included some interesting acrobatics by Tyler and Adem.

The most impressive aspect of the group was the leadership that they took on- waiting at times to make sure everyone was ok before spreading out too much, and willing to assist those that were struggling both physically as well as with their balance. At the end of the Turner’s Hill ride the group was chirping about what they had accomplished as they worked together loading the bikes back on the trailer.

ARTS Week 2020

In Week 9, Term 3, Lynwood SHS celebrated its very first Arts Week! It was a fantastic, talent-filled week that showcased all areas of the Arts including Visual and Performing Arts:

Senior School Band
  • A Visual Art display was assembled in the library to exhibit the talent of our students in all years, as well as a Nyoongar painting that was created by our Indigenous students throughout the week
  • The Lynwood Live radio station broadcast a daily show informing students and staff of what was on and interviewing key staff and students involved in the activities
  • Lunchtime performances from the Junior, Senior and Staff bands as well as smaller ensembles
  • Dance performances during recess breaks throughout the week
  • An artist talk delivered by our very own Mr Worsley who explained his journey as an artist and showcased his glass blowing masterpieces
  • A music incursion for Year 10-12 Certificate students in which they got to opportunity to learn about the music industry and perform with Jamie Mac in a lunchtime concert
  • A whole-day dance workshop run by the Society Dance Company for selected students

This jam-packed week would not have been the success it was without the support and community spirit of our fabulous staff and students at Lynwood SHS. Our audience emulated Lynwood’s values of respect and inclusivity in every performance, and for that I would like to thank everyone for getting involved and encouraging your peers!

A special thank you goes to The Arts Department staff members for your energy and dedication to the effective running of Arts Week: Alex Harkins, Jamie Worsley, Vanessa Allen, Joanne McDonnell, Catherine Trainor and Peter Hotinski – THANK YOU!!

To the students in The Arts – I AM SO INCREDIBLY PROUD!! Congratulations to each and every one of you! Cristiana Ambrogio - Head of The Arts

Amazing work produced by our talented students!
Poster design - Mico Villena Year 11

HaSS Learning Area

Year 11 Geography students enjoyed a two day Geography camp on 17-18 September, staying at Evedon Park Bush Retreat in the Ferguson Valley. Places visited included the dairy at Harvey Agricultural College, Harvey Cheese Factory, Harvey Weir, and Gnomesville.

Martin Barnett - HaSS Teacher

Service With a Smile

The Lynwood Café, organised and catered by the Year 12 Hospitality students has moved from a takeaway service to a restaurant service observing physical distancing rules. The café is operational on Tuesdays during lunch time for staff to experience a two course meal whilst students have the opportunity to showcase their skills in customer service, food preparation and presentation.

The Lynwood Café offers a Table d’hôte menu where some choices between courses are made to accommodate the dietary needs of customers. The provisional Café is efficiently set up just before lunch by the students, where their team collaboration and interaction are a treat to observe. They have been doing an amazing job considering the time constraints.

As practice can improve skills, The Lynwood Café service will continue to allow students to rotate roles and responsibilities to run a restaurant.

Vidhu Karolia - Hospitality Teacher


The Year 7 EaLS students conducted a waste audit with Belinda Bloxsome from Wastewise during Sustainability Week. Students divided the waste into categories and then counted and weighed the items. We have used this information and gathered the audit to provide a picture of what ends up in landfill and how we can reduce our waste footprint.

From this audit we are inviting Lynwood Senior High School to join in the following goal:

Reduce the amount of recyclable plastic ending up in landfill by 50%

This is a daunting target..... but with YOUR HELP IT CAN BE ACHIEVED. Throw your plastic bottles and recyclable containers into the Greenbatch bins or yellow topped bins.

Here is a list of locations:

  • Greenbatch (outside of the Science Office, B block, IEC, Canteen)
  • Yellow topped Bins (comingled recycling)

How do I know if my plastic container is recyclable? It will have a recycling sign with the number 1 or 2 printed in it, so it can be recycled.

Kim Annear - EaLS Coordinator

Year 11 Dinner Dance

On Wednesday 9 September, the Year 11 cohort experienced an unforgettable night at their Year 11 Dinner Dance held at the Swan Yacht Club in East Fremantle. It was a night of non-stop dancing (some students even had their own impressive choreographed routines!!) eating, photo-boothing and making memories that ensured the night was a highlight of their high school experience to date! The evening had an amazing inclusive and respectful atmosphere that is a testament to this cohort of students. I would like to congratulate the Year 11s who attended on their amazing behaviour and maturity. Each student dressed to impress and represented our school with pride.

Special thanks to Kent Chambers for attending the Dinner Dance and taking our photos!

I look forward to celebrating the events that next year has to offer you as Year 12s!!

Cristiana Ambrogio – Year 11 Coordinator

Student Council

Term 3 was a busy one, with a lot of postponed Term 2 activities rescheduled and happening in Term 3. The school calendar filled up quickly, it was a challenge for the Student Council to find a free day for an event that would contribute to our community.

Despite the busy timeline, the Student Council took the initiative to run the Foodbank Food-drive for the homeless shelter from Week 6-8. Thanks to our students, staff, and with the assistance of our School Chaplain, Loreto we were able to collect valuable non-perishable goods to donate to Foodbank.

In Week 10, we decided to hold a Sausage Sizzle in order to raise money for Staffy and Bully Breed Rescue (SABBR). During the lunchtime sausage sizzle, Mr Ucich had his head shaved to raise money for SABBR. Mr Ucich was joined by our wonderful Mr. Harkins, he shaved off his beard and moustache. A handful of brave students joined Mr. Ucich in shaving their heads in front of their friends, peers and teachers. It was a great atmosphere, students and the Council enjoyed this much awaited Sausage Sizzle after the Corona. It was such a pleasure to be able to help our community in these tough times.

A Snapshot of Year 12 Life in 2020

How lucky are we to have an incredibly resilient, connected and fun-filled cohort of Year 12s in 2020? With major social events being postponed, excursions cancelled or rescheduled, and the continuation of exams and tests at the forefront in various forms, it takes a robust group of awesome individuals to not only turn up with motivation every day but to do so well across all areas. With the final weeks of Year 12 nearing, excitement levels rising, the last-minute touch-ups of assignments, exams approaching and major functions and events still to come, I would like to quickly reflect on the year.

Term one saw the Year 12s in full flight, poolside at the Lynwood Swimming Carnival. With a variety of budgie smugglers, shower caps, Hawaiian outfits and mixed swimming abilities, the 12s participated competitively with many victories both individually as well as team triumphs on the day! Congratulations to those selected in our Interschool Swimming Carnival team, and to Lilly-Rose Calautti and Tobias Tyler for being our Champion Swimmers on the day.

Term Two saw the recommencement of Year 12s in the classroom after WA’s COVID-19 outbreak which threw a huge curve ball into our traditional approach to teaching and learning. Classes were both online and taught face to face, assemblies were cancelled and the future of how Year 12 would look for the remainder of the year was uncertain. Reflecting on this time, and the stress and emotional impact it caused, just highlights how fantastic this group is at pulling through challenging times, coming together to achieve common goals, helping one another out and embracing the positives in each situation. This caused for a celebration!! On 8 May (our original ball date), the Year 12s gathered in the gym to celebrate the countdown towards their new 2020 ball date. There was music, unrecognizable dance moves, lollies, chocolates, posters, balloons and Tik Tok opportunities, but most importantly, we were all together again for the first time in weeks!! We were then back on! Assemblies returned, Everyday Leader recommenced, and life was getting back to a new normal. The Year 12 students were then able to participate in an event involving the building of several bikes, donated by the Everyday Leader team that were donated to those in need, finish off their Shark Tank projects and work in teams again.

Term Three saw Outdoor Education excursions return including, the famous Sea Trek and other day out adventures. The Athletics Carnival also took place where Year 12 students not only impressed the lower school cohorts with their athletic ability, but also with their dancing skills in front of the whole school with a classic Nutbush performance. Congratulations to all the Year 12s that participated on this day and a special mention to Abena Selormey, Amber Denness, Alicia Ward, Jiddan Muhafidin and Nandu Shibu, for winning awards at their final carnival! So much skill and so much fun!

I would like to take this opportunity to wish all Year 12s luck and energy in their final weeks of school, in all their exams and finishing Cert work and applications at various institutes. I am very much looking forward to spending your final week of Lynwood life with you, celebrating your achievements at graduation and dancing the night away at our Royal theme ball in November!! Goooo Team!

Shelly Roberts - Year 12 Coordinator

Senior School Deputy

Another term has flown by and sadly our Class of 2020 are preparing to say farewell to Lynwood Senior High School.

This will be my fourth Year 12 cohort whom I wish well in their post school destinations. It never gets any easier. The Year 12s are a credit to you, as parents, as they have conducted themselves with exemplary behaviour, respect and a positive attitude. They have demonstrated excellent resilience and a will to succeed with challenges that none of us could have predicted! For this and many other reasons I shall miss them!

This term has seen many highlights for Senior School. The Dinner Dance for the Year 11s was a resounding success. The students represented Lynwood exceptionally well and had an amazing time. The athletics carnival was also a huge success for Senior School, with many teams dressed in the best costumes, participating with great sportsmanship and having fun. The Course selection evenings and Course interviews were both well attended.

Year 12s

The Year 12s have worked extremely hard these last 10 weeks to ensure they ecompleted assessments, OLNA and classwork to achieve their WACE by the end of the term. Year 12 participation in the Everyday Leader program has also been exceptionally successful,with many teams demonstrating their empathy for others needs in the world by tackling subjects like homelessness, food shortage and climate change.

ATAR Students

I wish ATAR students all the best for their Semester Two exams over the holidays and encourage them to maintain their work ethic and motivation as they head into their WACE (final) exams in November. I thank many of the ATAR students who attended, and participated in, before and after school sessions as well as Academic Task force intensive revision. I know this must have been a struggle, especially after such a long and tiring term, but thank you for all your work and your drive to succeed!

The students have been given their Semester Two Exam timetable as well as their personalised timetable for the WACE exams. It is imperative that ALL ATAR students sit the exams as this counts as completion of the units and, ultimately, the WACE. Any student missing exams will put their WACE at risk. The exams will be mostly divided between Lynwood Senior High school and Willetton Senior High school this year. If you have any queries regarding the ATAR exams, please contact me on 9354 0600.

Presentation Evening Ceremony – 21 October 2020

This year we are extremely fortunate to hold our Presentation Evening at Kennedy Baptist College as the grounds and the venue are quite lovely. We do still have COVID-19 guidelines to adhere to, therefore we are trying to manage the ticket sales and reserved seating as best we can. Students are advised to check Connect notices and ensure they attend the “dress rehearsal” on the day. If you have any queries regarding this event, please contact Janina Gunter or Dan Bayliss on 9354 0600.

Natalie Simms - Senior School Deputy Principal

Dates to Remember

  • Monday 12 October - Pupil Free Day
  • Friday 16 October - Year 12 Breakfast & Final Assembly
  • Wednesday 21 October - Year 12 Presentation Evening Ceremony
  • 2 - 6 November - NAIDOC Week
  • Friday 6 November - Year 11s Final Day
  • Friday 6 November - ARTS Showcase
  • Tuesday 1 December - Year 6 Parents welcome BBQ
  • Thursday 17 December - Last day of term