A Babies Cry Plan Alex Abram

10 Reasons Why a Baby May Cry

Physical- hunger, thirst, temperature, dirty diaper, pain or sickness.

Emotional- discomfort, upset, fear, boredom, or loneliness.

10 Things to Comfort or Sooth the baby

Cuddle the baby, Rock the baby, sing to them, swaddle the baby, take some toys out, play some soft music, offer a binky, give a massage, go outside, check temperature or dim the lights.

10 Things That Helps You Calm Down

Take a break from what you're doing, breath deeply, put on some soothing music, have someone come help, call the doctor, try to relax, go for a walk, remember tits just a phase, do not stress, or call a friend.

5 People To Call To Ask For Help

Call the doctor, friends, experienced moms, your parents, or anyone with knowledge of babies and their behavior.

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