Boys varsity pulls off with win against Hudsonville eagles By Grant Engelsman

Last week Thursday the five and one Grand Haven Buccaneers took on the four and 5 Hudsonville Eagles. The Bucs pulled away in the end winning by seven in a 53-46 win.

Bashir Neely pulls up for three draining his third of the night.

Bashir Neely led the team with three threes, a crazy up and under lay-up and two made free throws that added a solid 13 points to Bucs 53. "Honestly, I just felt the energy from my bench, in the crowd" Neely said. "Everyone and everything got me rolling tonight. I was just really feeling myself."

Charlie Gretzinger darts across the paint to cut to the opposite corner to get open for a pass or shot.

The varsity boys are rolling through teams hoping to not be stopped anytime soon. Their six and one record put them at the top of the OK red conference and gives them some motivation to keep working to get better and better as the season continues.

Bashir Neely stands on the three point line waiting for the opposing team to shoot their free throws.

The Bucs now look forward to their next game and working harder as the season continues. The Bucs are on a freight train that isn't looking like its going to stop anytime soon and will going straight through any team that gets in their path.