Religious extremism Why is it happening?

Religious extremism is not terrorism but rather extreme religious beliefs that a group of people share. These views/groups are formed out of disagreement with typical church groups.

People feel they must join groups like this to have a different life style, most times they feel more easily accepted here. In other cases some feel they must fully dedicate themselves to their superior to guarantee them an after life.

Groups of people with extreme religious views are sometimes referred to as cults. Cults are very secretive from society and are hidden far away from the governments reach.

Cult leaders are highly manipulative and often convince members to commit awful crimes against society, this is where religious extremism meets terrorism. They also abuse members of cults and often do things such as mass suicides.

Through all the attacks on society we all feel as though religious extremism should be put to an end, however there is little the U.S government can do. Considering all the religious freedom we offer, what can we really do to stop it?

The truth is, is that we can't stop religious extremism altogether, but we may try to prevent those troubled people from believing they must become a member of such a community.


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