Preschoolers Language Development By: Anna Rivkind And Yono Bulis

Children at this age learn lots of new words and start to connect words to make 5-6 word sentences. Their pronunciation of words improves greatly. They ask questions and start conversations in areas they are interested in.

To improve on their speaking, point to something and ask what it is to expand their vocab. When they respond to you in 5-6 word sentences, make sure to build up on that sentence and make it longer and build up on what they know. For example, "I want to eat Mac'N'Cheese" respond with "You would like to eat your dinner of Mac'N'Cheese right now?" When doing this make sure to use plenty of gestures for them to understand what you're saying.

Created By
Anna Rivkind


Created with images by PublicDomainPictures - "hear see speak" • IanMatthewSoper - "Spiderman - Speak no evil" • Kevin Krejci - "Kid Looks at Butterfly on Flower" • Abhishek Shirali - "2/100 - Abdul" • Sumanth Garakarajula - "Seeking alms"

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