Good Life Tour of the Harn By Robert everett

Yurnque I by Myrna Baez

Medium of the Art/Technique of the Artist: I found both the medium of this painting and the technique the artist used very interesting. I found this medium so striking because this pice is just a drawing on board and the museum presents it framed and by itself on a wall so it really caused me to stop and think about the background of this piece and it helped me appreciate the art more. I found the technique very interesting because it uses only black and white colors yet it still captures the essence of the forrest it is portraying. This piece communicated to me that art doesn't have to be flashy and showy to be beautiful and get its point across. This piece caused me to stop and think and appreciate that even though all art is different, all art is beautiful in its own way.

Ode a l'Oubli by Louise Bourgeois

Design of the Museum: I chose this exhibit in the museum because I found it super interesting how each page of this book of tapestries has its own glass frame. The way the museum presented this book was so cool and different that it drew my eyes to it and eventually led me to learn more about the piece. I think the biggest thing a museum can do to draw a person to a wing or exhibit is put a lot of stuff in one place or have only one thing over an entire area. In this instance the uniformity of this exhibit and the way each tapestry had its own frame so it looked like there was much more going on in the exhibit then there actually was was the thing that I really liked. This exhibit brought up many different emotions for me because when I read about it and found it some background on it I connected it with the industrial age and the textile mills where many people worked including women and children.

Exhibit by the Guerrilla Girls

Art and Core Values: This piece by the Guerrilla Girls appeals to my core value of equality and treating all people equally. Now I realize equality is a different core value you don't see all the time but I strongly believe that all people were created equal and should be treated equally. This piece talks about how women in the art world are not treated equally and how less than 4% of the artwork in the MET was done by women. This helped me explore and better understand my core value of treating everyone equally because it brought to my attention another place where discrimination is being shown. Discrimination happens everyday but it is sometimes hard to find it in the Fine Arts world because art is so diverse and accepting so when I saw this I was very surprised and it lead me to explore more deeply on the issue of inequality in art. This piece instilled the emotion of anger in me because it showed me inequality happening in a place I believed to be very inclusive and equal. It helps me better understand my beliefs because it shows me that there are still many people in the world that do not accept everyone and it is my goal to always live a life where i treat everyone equally.

Forrest with Heron by Herman Herzog

Art and the Good Life: This piece represents the Good Life theme of seeking the good life because I would describe this place as my Walden Pond or place of peace. I love being on the beach and being on the water so if I ever need to just go be alone in nature and experience peace I go to the water. This picture most likely would not illustrate a Good Life theme to most people but for me it shows my happy place and I believe having a happy place where you can just go and love life is essential for the Good Life. This piece helps me appreciate the Thoreau article itself more than the entire seeking theme because I can really relate to how Thoreau felt when he was at the Walden Pond.


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