How digital literacy tools can improve learning?

Digital tools, these are everywhere on your mobile phone, computer or tablet. digital learning tools may be anything from watching a video on Youtube or posting for help on Facebook and reading how to do something. Every individual learns differently, for example some people would rather watch a video with audio description and someone showing you how to do something, were another individual may prefer to read schematics or a written description to do a particular task.

There are different technologies people may use like a laptop or a tablet. relating to myself as I am a visual learner I would most likely use a mobile phone or tablet and a digital tool such as YouTube to teach myself how to complete whatever I am attempting to accomplish.

Some disadvantages of this are the fact that the video, or information that is given may be false or simply incorrect, this could lead to the individual attempting to teach themselves could cause a potential risk to themselves or others after completing what they had done.


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