Good Life Tour of the Harn Museum of Art By: Nicholas Zarins

MEDIUM OF THE ART: I strongly believe that one can not fully appreciate art until one sees it in person. I found this piece by Audrey Flack to be particularly eye catching. She used polychrome and gilded plaster to form this piece. Looking back at this picture I can see what what people mean by "the picture doesn't do this justice", and that not only because of the quality of the image but for the fact that the only sense you are using is sight. Being there in person truly brings life to this goddess. When you are there in person the pieces create lasting effects on you, and you can fully appreciate all of the time and effort that went into them.
DESIGN OF THE MUSEUM: he architects and the curators have designed the space of the museum to enhance your enjoyment of the artwork through the lighting, the design of the rooms, the use of outdoor space, such as gardens, and by arranging the exhibits thematically with separate wings for different regions of the globe. This was hands down my favorite wing of the museum. I loved the large windows that fully illuminated the entirety of the room. They also provide a wonderful view of outside, making the room feel even more open. I also enjoyed the layout of the room, how they chose to leave the entry very open. This makes the room feel very inviting and warm.
ART AND CORE VALUES: Art often appeals to our core values and allows us to work through our emotions, such as love, desire, loss, hate, fear, and sorrow. I found this piece to be very eye opening, not only for the information but also because it sheds light on the problems we still have in society. The feminist movement is making progress, but there is clearly still stereo types within the art world. This piece was created to show the lack of female artist in exhibits, and also to call attention to the gender stereotypes in the art world. The facts on this board made me feel mad the this was a statistic from only 6 years ago.
ART AND THE GOOD LIFE: I believe that this piece of art show the good life because it represents so many things. In Siddhartha we see that Siddhartha finally reaches enlightenment or "the good life" after he realizes that everything is connected. I believe that this piece shows the good life by connecting different themes together. In the sculpture we can there are musical notes, a horseshoe crab, and fragments of human bone and teeth. We have talked about how music can connect a generation and how it can make people feel an emotion. We have also talked about how we must understand that everything about life is precious, so I think that the human bones and the horse crab illustrate that theme. The human bones add weight an depth to the piece, while the life like horseshoe crab bring light and happiness.


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