Armin Zilic BY ADAM bowlby

To me,an adversity an obstacle or a problem

Armin Zilic is just a normal boy who lives in Derby,but as a kid,suffered some very hard times. I know him because he is one of my old friends,and is now one of my best friends.I am interviewing him because he had surgery in his head,something that not a lot of kids have had done to them.

Early Life

Armin Zilic was born November 10th, 2003, at a Montefiore Hospital Bronx, NY. He lived in the Bronx until he was 4,then moved to Ansonia, Connecticut. At 6,he moved to Derby,and is living there now. He lived with his mom and dad,and still does.His parents were nice,caring people,and spoiled him. He was an only child and got bored sometimes so he met up with his friends. He also played a lot of video games on his X-Box 360. He recently has moved on to the newer generation consoles, the X-Box One and the PS4.

His adversity

When Armin was 7 years old, he had an aneurysm in his head,and had a very high chance of death. He was in the hospital for months,and needed surgery to fix it. During that time,everyone in school was worried about him,and we sent him cards.His parents were in the hospital with him for a lot of the time,and almost lost their house because they couldn't go to work. Armin was very scared during the surgery's and stayed in the hospital in between each of his three surgery's.


Because of the Aneurysm,Armin had 2 inches of blood filling up in his head. His first surgery was to take a bone out of the right side of his head,and drain out the blood. The doctors were going to put the bone back in his head,but found another popped vein in the back of his head,so they had another surgery to drain the blood from there. His final surgery took place when he was 7,and it was putting the bones back in. "How did you feel before the first surgery?" asked reporter Adam. "I was scared because the doctors had to hold me down because I was kicking and screaming,trying to take of the mask." said Armin "but after the first surgery I just kept the mask on and went with it."

**Not Armin**

After the surgery.

After the surgery's, Armin went back to school around September. He had to where a helmet for a small amount of the school year to protect his head until he fully recovered. He couldn't have recess with his friends,and instead had to sit inside. When he did recover,he was embarrassed by the scars and whore a hat to cover them up. Because of that, our school held a "Crazy Hat Day" to support Armin. everyone payed $1 to wear a hat!

How he overcame it

Since Armin was very young,he was scared,but not alone. His parents and friends were all supporting him and wishing for the best. Not only that but his surgeon was very nice and pretty much saved Armin's life,and he is grateful for that. When he came back to school,everyone was happy to see him,saying Hi and asking how it went. Armin just stayed happy and optimistic during his surgery's,and made it through with everyone on his side!


Even though It was a very hard time for him and his family,he fought through it ,and overcame the odds that were stacked against him. With the high chance of death,Armin made it through and should be an inspiration to all of us. He quickly readjusted to school again,and is getting straight A's. We are all proud to be Armins friend. Armin is now 13 years old,lives with his mom and dad,and his a 1 and a half year old sister.

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