For the last twelve years, we've had the privilege of partnering with ReachGlobal during our annual Global Awareness Partnership. Every year, we dedicate a month to elevate the voices of gospel-centered ministries around the world as we remember our connection to the global Body of Christ.

Our community has given over one million dollars to the efforts of gospel-centered ministries since the start of this emphasis, but the sum total of dollars given or projects completed are nothing compared to the lives that have been transformed by the Jesus.

Make sure you pick up the new edition of Life at Constance this weekend to find out what God has been doing through our partnerships! It's full of updates and stories from these incredible ministries.

Partners in Haiti

  • STEP (Evangelical Theological Seminary of Port-Au-Prince)
  • Christian Protocol Academy (Vocational Training for Vulnerable Women)
  • Haiti Mission Trips - Five new trips are planned for 2019


The local church is crucial to the health of communities, which means investing in pastoral leadership is of vital importance. Since 1942, STEP has been engaged in training church leaders so they are effective in their ministry and become agents of transformation in their communities. As Haiti takes steps to restore their communities, ensuring the health of local churches will unleash holistic, gospel-centered ministries to the most vulnerable. Partnering with STEP will secure long-term pastoral leadership in a country that desperately needs the good news of Jesus. In recent years, the school has been met by significant operational challenges. The campus is situated in an area of Port-au-Prince that has been plagued by violence and, due to their location, they have been unfortunate by standers and innocent casualties of police raids and additional violence. The security of the campus has become imperative. Enrollment has dropped because prospective students are fearful, and the seminary has had difficulty retaining its staff. As a part of this year’s emphasis, we’re investing in critical infrastructure that will help keep the campus safe and ensure the continued resourcing of the local church with pastoral leadership.

Goal: $30,000

Christian Protocol Academy

Unemployment and illiteracy in Haiti are rampant. The result of this combination is devastating for families, communities, and Haiti in general. Poverty leads to vulnerability. Vulnerability leads to difficult decisions that often lead to greater despair and poverty. A local church pastor in the community of Gressier saw the need for vocational training in his community. He helped establish a vocational school where young women gain practical skills and learn about Jesus. The products created by Breadfruit Creations are available each weekend throughout the Global Awareness Partnership.

Pray as we look to help scale up this ministry.


For years, we’ve shared about our relationship with the Haitian church. We’ve shared about our partnership with STEP Seminary, the Christian Protocol Academy, New Life Center Church, Source de la Grace, and GlobalFingerprints. Sharing stories only goes so far.

Nothing compares with the opportunity to meet these brothers and sisters in person. Nothing compares with the opportunity to use your time and energy to love and serve in Haiti. Nothing compares with the experience of worshiping alongside brothers and sisters from another culture. We believe that God uses short-term mission trips as a means of forming and transforming hearts and minds.

Be a part of what God is doing by taking a step of faith and serving on a mission trip to Haiti. Fill out our Haiti Trip Interest Form!

Partners in the Democratic Republic of Congo

  • KIDStory in Kinshasa
  • Tabitha Centers
  • Urban Ministry Development in Kinshasa with ReachGlobal
  • Tandala Hospital
  • Elikya Center


For years, the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC) has seen exponential population growth, particularly in the capital city of Kinshasa. The drastic growth has seen an influx of problems that are systemic to high-density living. Crime, poverty, a lack of public services, and general instability make life difficult for a majority of the population. In 2018, the DRC’s level of human development was ranked 176th out of 187 countries by the Human Development Index. Yet in the midst of the hardships of daily life in the DRC, the Kingdom of God advances. In our years of ministry partnership, we’ve seen the launch of hundreds of Tabitha Centers, the growth of KIDStory, and advanced health and sustainability at the Elikya Center and Tandala Hospital. Each of these ministries has helped men, women, and children experience the love of Christ and bring hope through the gospel. As the population of the DRC grows, it is our desire to continue to equip our partners to share the gospel and meet the tangible needs of those on the margins of their society.

Kinshasa is a city full of ministry potential. As the population explodes, our ministry partners need the flexibility to develop, launch, and grow new ministries that will meet the needs of the Congolese. This fund will resource our partners as they address costs related to the planning and development of ministry initiatives. The desire is that new ministries would become financially self-sustaining.

Goal: $20,000 for Develop / Launch / Grow Fund


In 2017, we shared about the ministry potential of KIDStory, an Awana-like program where children learn the gospel through storytelling, scripture memorization, interactive experiences, and meaningful discussions. We’re excited to share about their progress. In the first two years, the number of children currently being reached through the KIDStory’s ministry is in excess of 100,000! As we continue to partner with KIDStory, we’ll provide the resources they need to expand the training of their leaders so they can impact the estimated population of five million children around Kinshasa. These resources include instructional materials, transportation and communication for the staff, and the coordination of logistics.

Goal: $30,000


We’re excited once again to share about God’s work through the Elikya Center. This special ministry helps care for widows, orphans, and the disabled. Through vocational training and spiritual leadership, many marginalized and vulnerable individuals have their dignity restored and find hope in the gospel. Many of the students have been baptized as new believers. In recent years, we’ve focused on the sustainability of the Elikya Center by investing in projects that help provide income. We’ve helped build fish ponds, which are stocked with tilapia, and the income from the sale of the fish helps resource their ministry. Our desire is to help fund the addition of three new ponds. We also have the opportunity to help launch the production of palm oil, which is an incredibly valuable resource in the region. The income from this investment will help further the self-sustainability of the Elikya Center. Finally, as in previous years, we will continue to provide graduating students with the tools they will need to generate their own income away from the Elikya Center.

Goal: $25,700


Our community has had a front-row seat to the growth of an incredible gospel-centered ministry. Over the course of six years, the Tabitha Centers in Kinshasa, a place where women receive skills training and mentorship from mature Christian women, have grown at an incredible pace. As of 2018, 193 Tabitha Centers have been opened, and now provide a safe place where young women learn practical skills that provide them with an income, an education in basic business practices, and an introduction to the Bible. By God’s grace, thousands of the most vulnerable women in Kinshasa have graduated from the Tabitha Centers, and plans are being developed to open more. As a part of this year’s Global Awareness Partnership, we’d like to fund another twenty new Tabitha Centers. Each woman at the Tabitha Centers is sponsored by GlobalFingerprints. Last year, Constance had the privilege of sponsoring the first thirty women in this program, and opportunities to sponsor women at the Tabitha Centers continue to be available through GlobalFingerprints. If you’d like to learn more about this life-changing program, visit globalfingerprints.org.

Goal: $15,000 to launch 20 new centers


Our world is changing. Humanity has never had more freedom and mobility, which means the world is becoming less segregated and increasingly diverse. Cities have become the hub of this transformation. For the first time in history, the majority of the world’s population is urban. Berlin, the capital city of Germany, has become an increasingly influential city in Europe. Berlin has helped shape the landscape of politics, arts, media, culture, and academics throughout the continent. In recent years, Berlin has also grown in its influence on an international scale. At the end of 2016, there were nearly 1,000,000 registered residents of foreign nationality. Many of these residents are refugees who have fled conflict or extreme poverty for the sake of a better life. Berlin is also not immune to other social and economic issues that are endemic to cities. The city has high rates of poverty. One in three children in Berlin are on public assistance and there is a large homeless population. The unique demographics of Berlin provide incredible opportunities for the gospel. Currently, only 2% of the population are Christians, which means there is an opportunity for a great harvest. Upwards of 150,000 people move into the city each year while a similarnumber move out, making it possible for a gospel-centered movement to spread globally. ReachGlobal is already actively ministering in the city of Berlin. In the last year, Constance has started to explore the possibility of a ministry partnership in this urban center of influence. As a result, we’re sending a second vision team to Berlin to dream about our future together. The challenge of Berlin is that there are so many places to engage that there is no one way to engage, so we’re excited to see how this partnership forms. We ask that you would join us in prayer as we trust God to lead this budding relationship.

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