Living with osteoarthritis Teaching plan by Jennifer harrison

Pre Quiz:

1. How many people in America are affected by osteoarthritis?

2. What are the most common joints affected by osteoarthritis?

Objective: Teach you how to manage worsening symptoms of osteoarthritis.

Healthy People 2020 states that arthritis is the most common cause of disability, and osteoarthritis is the nation’s most common form of arthritis. This disease that causes painful joint pain affects the quality of live of over 27 million Americans.

Osteoarthritis causes joint pain in your hands, knees and hips, most often.

Overcoming barriers: You already live with osteoarthritis, we just want to better manage it! We can do that through a few action plans.

Motivators: Keeping these action plans in mind will help you manage your osteoarthritis. 27 million Americans are struggling with you! It's good to reach out to nurses to help you better manage your arthritis.

Exercise: low-impact, moderate intensity, aerobic physical activity and muscle strengthening should be promoted. Try swimming and water aerobics classes with your membership at LA fitness.

Fitness classes for older adults can build a sense of community. You can meet other people struggling with joint pain as well as getting a good workout in.

Taking yoga classes at your local LA fitness will promote balance. With osteoarthritis, you want to improve your balance with older age to prevent falls. Breaking bones is something you really want to avoid for future complications. Make sure your house is free of clutter in walkways and have a nightlight in your bedroom at night to reduce the risk of falls.

Diet: Maintain a healthy weight throughout older age. Many older adults suffer more because of excess weight. You do not have that problem, but maintain a healthy diet of calcium rich foods to maintain strong bone health! Incorporate diary, like milk and yogurt, fortified cereals, fortified juices and leafy green vegetables.

Keep taking Vitamins for bone health. You are taking Centrum Silver and Caltrate for your bone health. I recommend you keep taking those daily to promote strong bones!

As always, talk to your doctor if the pain worsens and you have questions on how to manage your osteoarthritis. They can recommend different anti-inflammatories and pain medications for you.

Post Test

1. How many Americans are affected with osteoarthritis? (You are not alone!)

2. What are the most common joints affected by osteoarthritis?


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