Nigeria History


~country has more than 250 ethnic groups (differ from languages and customs/traditions . * The three largest ethnic groups are the Hausa,the Yoruba,and the lgbo. (


~Democratic : They have federal and state law and have three codes of law which are: Customary Law, Nigerian Statute Law, and Islamic Law (kirkgreene)


*half of Nigerians are Muslims (live in northern areas) *Nearly 40% are Christians (live in southern areas) (


~English is the official language, but it's not the most commonly used. ~Each ethnic group has their own language and a majority of the people speak more than one. Nigerian Muslims speak Arab. (world


The Nigerian Biafran war was a three year war. The new mber of causality was more than one million. Seven years after Nigeria gained its independence from Britain. (Nigerian civil war)

Herbert Macaulay is the grandson of a bishop Ajai crow. He was considered th founder of Nigerian nationalism and started the nationalist movement.(

Dr Nnamdi Azikiwe was at the fore front in the fight for nigerias independence. He became the first president of Nigeria after Nigeria got her independence from the United Kingdom.

⚫️ Chief abafemi Awolowo

⚫️ Sir Ahmado Bello

⚫️chief Anthony Ehuhoro


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