Where's My Jetpack? by Anton Varbanov

Have you ever wanted to fly? Soon, Jetpacks will be sold commercially in places around the world. Scientists and engineers have already made jetpacks, but they are not yet ready for people to use. This article will help you both learn about jetpacks, and decide on whether to buy one in the future or not.

Would They Be Able To Help People?

Jetpacks could help save lives. A jetpack made by a company known as Martin Aircraft has been tested and “Could be used to help emergency workers save lives”. It and many other aircraft companies are hoping to releases their jetpacks soon. The jetpack made by Martin Aircraft can fly very fast and get people out of emergencies quickly. In the end, Jetpacks might actually be good.

Why Can’t We Buy Them?

There are many reasons why scientists can’t make jetpacks that can’t be sold commercially. Price, Safety, and Materials are some. Many people would be willing to buy a jet pack, even though they would cost more than $200,000. Safety is a big problem. Jetpacks can be used as weapons and injure or possibly kill someone. That’s probably the biggest issue. Another problem is air safety. Imagine having over 1,000,000 people owning a jetpack and flying them near each other. They would crash! It would cost a couple thousand dollars to make a jetpack tracking device for your jetpack. Also, it would take a lot of energy to power a jetpack. A regular light bulb needs 120 watts or 12 volts to be powered. A jetpack would need a couple 100 volts to be powered.

Why Is It So Hard To Make One?

It would be hard to make a jetpack for several reasons. The biggest reason is gravity. “This is all due to Newton and his laws of mechanics. With upward travel, you need enough force to cancel out gravity before you can go anywhere. Bear in mind, this is a force exerted by the total mass of planet Earth, which is, to give it the full technical term, “hefty””. Another reason why it's so hard to make one is the Government. It would be extremely hard to get the government to approve the selling of jetpacks.

Jetpacks can be some of the most useful tools in the world. They can also be the opposite. They can help save lives or the opposite. For now, the only thing we can do is wait, and ask “Where’s my jetpack?”


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