2015, The year in review extraCtion artisan coffee

2015 did its very best to beat us. We have a few bruises. We are tired but we did not give up.

We pulled and pushed and made things happen even when it seemed impossible.

When we look back through the images of the journey of Extraction you can see how much we've achieved. It's a good reminder to celebrate the small things and our faith in each other.

Our home did not sell in 2015. In fact, in the days leading up to Christmas we experienced what could only be called real estate bullying by a large agency with the initials of RW. It's a chapter of the journey we'd rather forget but our house will be back on the market in early January. Everything happens for a reason so we continue to remain positive about a sale and the injection of funds that Extraction so desperately needs.

Love and support all the way

Thanks to our crowdfunding support you helped us raise a little over $26,000. Approximately $1500 of this went towards credit cards fees and the Pozible fee for running the campaign.

The campaign was the most stressful and exciting roller coaster ride we've ever been on. The support, enthusiasm and most of all, the generosity of our fans, was at times, overwhelming.

'People want to help us! When we hit our target I pretty much spent 24 hrs in tears.' - Heather

So, what happens in January?
  • We purchase the beautiful Black Eagle coffee machine, a grinder and a water filtration system.
  • Alex builds our front counter so our shiny and very heavy coffee machine has somewhere to sit.
  • We meet with Council to ensure our plans are fully approved.
  • We continue to stalk Gumtree for free chairs and tables.
  • We have the roaster hooked up and start playing with green beans to learn how to get the best out of him/her. (We're not sure of the gender yet).
  • We start testing coffee with the aim to hopefully be selling coffee to the public by end of January.
  • Loads of other tasks that involve sitting at a computer!

This is our little test roaster 'Rosie' named in honour of a beautiful old lady. She'll be used for small batches of specialty beans and developing new product as well as a teaching tool for coffee lovers.

If you are reading this post then you are more than likely an Extraction supporter, a lover of artisan coffee or someone who is following our journey with much anticipation.

As 2015 comes to an end and 2016 starts, we wish you an abundance of health and happiness.

We wish you the strength to follow your dream and the belief that people coming together really can make a difference.

With much love, we look forward to seeing you at Extraction.
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