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Hey class my name is Kevin Sr. and I want to start off by saying I'm very opened eared and adaptive to my surroundings, so feel free to ask me anything.

I love being a stylish person because i wasn't the type that had everything I wanted. I actually started work at the age of 12 so I really have a dedicated childhood. You probably think I have a lot of friends but to be honest I only have one.

Well here he is... my son Kevin Jr. You'll never see me without him and even more not talking about him. He will be 2yrs old this July and watching him learn and grow is very important to me. He loves basketball so much that's the first word that he speaks when waking up or saying hello.

I waited all my life for him and it's time to set an example for him and his future. We have a journey ahead of us and having him was life changing. Without him I probably wouldn't be here today, in fact since this blessing came into my life a lot of bad attention has shifted away.

He is advanced at his stage of age and I will do anything to keep it that way. He does talk and a good listener (repeater) so I have to watch the things I say as well as others when he's around.

We Snapchat everyday at the audiences request just to see him in action so add fish-skale to your SC to see the entertainment everyone is talking about...

I do have a football team of siblings and they are the reasons where my examples first started. I'm a middle child and really got picked on since I was young because of my laugh and I stayed out of trouble, but not anymore... You can also find me in the gym everyday training every muscle group there is to name so there's no more pushing me around 💪🏾.

Never take advice from someone that has never experienced the advice their given- Kevin Roberts
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Kevin Roberts

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