The Harn Museum of Art Jacob seidmAn

The Harn Museum of Art is a beautiful building that is dedicated to the admiration of exquisite arts. The museum brings a diverse collection of art to the University of Florida

The piece II-06-94 brings together a variety of materials and references to music, astronomy, paleontology, botany, and anatomy. It is brilliant to see so many different types of scientific bodies on one piece. You really feel that all these platforms come together to make something truly unique. In this piece, a horseshoe crab offers a glimpse of the origins of life on earth, while the fragments of human home and teeth suggest a more somber tone. It is truly difficult to understand the magnificence of this piece unless one sees it in person.

Throughout my experience on my tour of the Harn Museum, the female art wing was by far the most appealing to me. The elegant hardwood floors gave off a sense off solidarity, which aligns with the beliefs of the women in the arts in the exhibits of the museum itself. All of the arts in this section were usually just news reports, billboard signs, etc. But walking through that section made me feel as if I were traveling through time, back to the days when women were more oppressed than they are now. Not only does this section give off a feel of solidarity, but a sense of time travel through these media art pieces of the 20th century.

The piece La Grande Trompette represents the value of work and life balances due to its appearance. It consists of spherical, cylindrical, and conical shapes and cut pieces that have been welded together and appear to be revolving around an axis. Having a balance between work and you're life is an extremely important value to be mindful of. This art piece fills me with hope because it shows that you can balance any amount of weight as long as you do it correctly and efficiently.

This piece, Wall Street, is an image of the famous Wall Street in the US. The work invites our scrutiny of the financial institutions and economic and social systems that have played a historic and dominant role in both national and global areas. This ties to the common misconception that places with more money than others can make one's life a good life. However, a good life is a life in which you are happy, but it could be argued that wealth is what makes some people happy. This could be argued that wealth would count as more of a pleasure than happiness. This helps me understand that while pleasure may be enjoyable, it may not always bring happiness

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