Week 13 Hawaii Lets bring waves of associates to Hawaii

Texas West associates are making a splash!
There is still plenty of daylight to get there
Keep your eye on the prize!

Congratulations to our EARLY bird qualifiers making a big splash!

  • Michelle Chiles
  • Manuel Ronquillo

Congratulations to our associates on target to make a splash!

  • Kelly Madden
  • Stacie Burgess
  • Glenn Pate
  • Clint Clark
  • Mary Orms
  • Jason Salitore
  • Nick Halbert
  • Janice Archer
  • Stephen Robinson
  • Ronda Jones
  • Janie Reyes
  • Eli Leal
  • Kelsey Cooley
  • Allison Butler
  • Brittany Scott
  • Zoyie Haynie
  • Claribel Loza
  • Ben Cook
  • Irasema Velasquez
  • Jim Thomas

Congratulations to our associates that are getting close to making a splash!

  • Bryan Pate
  • Eve Nieto
  • Marci Schnitker
  • Barry Scott
  • Katie Hawthorne
  • Elizabeth Weeks
  • Julio Hernandez
  • Christie Mosley
  • Jerry Lockhart
  • Michelle Moralez
  • Shirlee Heard
  • Shelly Howell
  • Bill White
  • Patty Widner
  • Frank Silvas
  • Logan Tiffany
  • Chris Delaney
  • Whitney Rel
  • Pita Pesina

All WWHQ Honors Club rules apply. No-pay must be 13.0% or below at the end of the contest to qualify.

Created By
Adam Bradshaw

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