Medieval Tortue

The Iron Maiden

Guilty were put in an upright sarcophagus that had spikes going into the eyes and vital organs, the spikes however were short enough to let the victim bleed out over several hours.

Ordeal By Fire

Accused had to pick up a red hot iron bar and walk 3 to 4 steps with it. At the trial if the hands were healing they were innocent, if not they were guilty.

Thumb Screws

The guilty had their thumbs put into place, a wooden bar slid over a metal bar, effectively crushing the thumbs

Brazen Bull

Guilty were put inside a metal bull statue after having their tongues cut out. Then a fire was lit and the person would scream and move, making the bull seem alive and more amusing to the audience.

The Rack

They would tie you to a machine that would stretch until your limbs were dislocated or had fallen off

The Wheel

Guilty would be tied to a wheel that rolled over a rocky hill, fire, or large spikes.

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Created with images by Jirka Matousek - "Moravská Třebová" • Nikolas Moya - "Iron Maiden - Medieval Torture Chamber"

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