Shakespeare Eli Bertran Period 4

Thesis: Shakespeare influenced the world through his early, middle, and late life.

Early Life:

Quote: "He attended the grammar school in Stratford, where he would have been educated in the classics, particularly Latin grammar and literature"(William)". Commentary: This influenced him to learn more grammar and learn different languages to help him write scripts and plays. This is related to the theme because it shows what he did in his early life

Quote: "William Shakespeare was born in the small market town of Stratford-upon-Avon in 1564, the third of eight children"(Lander). Commentary: He influenced the world when he was born. This is related to the theme because that is when his life began.

Quote: "At the age of 18, William was young to marry, while Anne at 26 was of normal marrying age"(Lander).Commentary: Although he had a very successful career he also had a private life at home.

Mid Life:

Quote: "Until the end of his London career Shakespeare remained with the company; it is thought that as an actor he played old men's roles, such as the ghost in Hamlet and Old Adam in As You Like It" ("William"). Commentary: This was the end of Shakespeare's acting career and the start of with writing career. Because he ended his acting career he started his writing which made him very fortunate.

Quote: "In 1594 Shakespeare became an actor and playwright for the Lord Chamberlain's Men, the company that later became the King's Men under James I"(William). Commentary: This influenced the world because these were amazing play performed for famous people. This was apart of his mid life because it was performed in his 30's.

Quote: "Shakespeare spent some time as a member of a great household and that he was a soldier, perhaps in the Low Countries"(Shakespeare). Commentary: The quote talks about how he had different jobs before he became a writer. This is a different job that he had instead of writing in his mid life.

Quote: "In 1585, Anne gave birth to twins, a boy (Hamnet) and a girl (Judith). After this, Shakespeare vanishes from the public record for nearly seven years"(William). Commentary: This affected his personal life with his family. This was happening in his mid life when he had kids.

Late Life:

Quote: "Either way, some time between 1585 and 1592, Shakespeare made his way to London, became a member of the theater community, and was well on his way to becoming the leading playwright of the age"(William). Commentary: This was a big influence because he became the leading playwright of the age. This happened in his late life when he was getting more fortunate for his play writing.

Quote: "By 1612, when he returned to Stratford to live the life of a prosperous retired gentleman, Shakespeare had written thirty-seven play"(Anderson 777). Commentary: He left the show business to retire and live the simple life. This show what he did after retiring in his late life.

Quote: "Shakespeare died on April 23, 1616, at the age of fifty-two"(Anderson 777). Commentary: This influenced the world a lot because a great poet/writer/actor that everyone knew died. This is related to the theme because it was the end of his life.

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