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Level up means you’ve gained enough skills and experience to reach the next level. It’s not for those interested in maintaining the status quo. It’s for those interested in making moves. Here at OSOTA our theme for the 19-20 school year is “Level UP.” We know you have what it takes to go to your personal next level with grades, friendships, work and volunteering, discovering your identity in Christ, and just becoming better humans. The world needs you!

Here are some of the ways, we, as a school, are committed to leveling up this year:

  • Character Development & Emotional Intelligence = Character Houses + Service Projects
  • Business & Community Connections = Guest Speakers + Cafe Work Opportunities
  • Middle School & High School Experience = 7th Grade Disney Experience
  • Playground & Campus Facilities = New High School Courtyard


Want to know why we're leveling up? Simply, YOU!

  • Your Education Matters
  • Your Relationships Matter
  • Your Future Matters
  • Your Health Matters
  • Your One-on-One Relationship with God Matters
  • Your Middle and High School Experience Matters
  • You're Not a Number, So Guest What? You Matter

The How? One Mission

Our school exists to help you electrify this world, providing growth and challenge-based experiences that prepare you for the life you are destined to lead. But there's a catch -- you play a part. In fact, you are the secret ingredient, the energy source that powers up the grid. So what will you contribute this year? How can you use your gifts to fully engage in your high school experience?

Is It Game On For You?

Let's Go to the Core of It

Core values are the important beliefs of a person.

Core values keeps the school as a whole pointed in the right direction. Core values also provide guidance in conduct and character for you as a scholar, very much like a compass guiding you on an epic adventure.

So What Are They?

  • Prayer - Prayer is as essential to life as breathing.
  • Humility - All that we have and all that we are is because of our savior.
  • Enthusiasm - Contagious passion oozes from our pores. We choose to be fully present.
  • Friendship - Love is the currency in our authentic and meaningful relationships.
  • Excellence - We work with integrity, discipline and innovation in all of our endeavors, glorifying our Father.
  • Gratitude - Thankfulness is a way of life and the lens for which we choose to view the world.
  • Stewardship - We consider all of our time, talents, expertise, and resources as belonging to God and seek to multiply them with faithfulness and wisdom.
  • Talent - We seek to involve highly gifted, certified and experienced people who use their gifts faithfully to inspire and bless others.
  • Innovation - We actively participate, asking questions. Why not is just as important as why.
  • Honor- We are intentional in how we value and serve one another in love.
  • Curiosity - We cultivate a sense of wonder.
  • Wholeheartedness - We live authentic lives, sharing our strengths and acknowledging our weaknesses, we choose to be fully alive, bringing God glory.

Think About It

What Are Your Beliefs?

P.S. It's okay if you choose from our list!

This Year, it's OK to Be Different, We Are!

We are different as a school because everything revolves around our 4 pillars of the arts. You have opportunities to discover unique courses that will teach, inspire, and awaken new perspectives. Don't hold yourself back! Learn to paint like Picasso, perform in a musical, participate in a debate, and grow fresh tomatoes for a dish you prepare! Every course as OSOTA incorporates these 4 pillars so you can experience something different every day. See if you can identify the ones you want to experience this year.

Performing arts are a way of life at OSOTA. Whether its band and orchestra, Open Mic, or OSOTA Theater, it's kinda our thing. OSOTA Theatre has put on amazing productions including High School Musical, Peter Pan, Beauty and the Beast, Elf, and I Never Saw Another Butterfly. Scholars interested in acting, singing, dancing, set design, and tech team have a way to spread their wings.

Communicative Arts

Finding your voice takes courage. Through speech, journalism, creative writing, poetry, digital media, Spanish, and more, you'll grow in this art, and discover new strengths and abilities.

Culinary Arts

From root to table, you will experience the full flavor of learning to cook in our new, state-of-the-art culinary kitchen.

Visual Arts

Imagine a world without artists-- sketch artists, graphic artists, sculptors, cinematographers, photographers. We don't want to so this is why incorporating the visual arts into our daily curriculum, along with art class, digital media, and photography electives is the way to go.

Things to Keep in Mind

Mission statement
Core Values
Our 4 Pillars


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One School of the Arts

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