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About me

Self portrait with my Rolls Royce ( Hasselblad)

“My work is documentary and real, as I see things in the world. I was born in Caracas, Venezuela in 1958. At the age of 12, I began to take pictures with a Agfa-Rapid 35 mm camera. It was the in the mid-to-late 1960’s, early on in my childhood, when I developed a sensibility and respect towards nature. That sense of awe and inexplicable peace of mind grew every time I hiked next to my fellow Boy Scouts in Venezuela.Every time I came back home I would be asked by my parents about my impressions on the excursions, only to have words fail me. It was hard to describe the impact it had had on me.” I have been working in the photography business as a freelancer photographer for over 35 years. I have lived and worked in Venezuela and lived in Chicago city ,Illinois,USA. I have recently moved to Budapest, Hungary looking for new horizons and inspiration. I am specialized in nature, landscape and portrait. I have worked for several local and multinational advertising agencies such as: Publicis, JWT, Draft FCB, Leo Burnett, among others and direct companies.


2016-MOMENTS at PH21 Gallery.Budapest Hungary

2014-CITIES at PH21Gallery.Budapest Hungary.

2001 – ONE AND A HALF CENTURY OF HUNGARIAN-VENEZUELAN PHOTOGRAPHY. La Estancia Cultural Center, Caracas – Venezuela

2000 – I. Photographic Biennial, Daniela Chappard Foundation. 2nd place in Documental Photography. 1st. Place for best work presented, by public voting. 2000 – „VENEZUELA” – A Country of National Parks. Casa Simón Bolivar, La Habana, Cuba

1999 – Afterimage Gallery (afterimage.com). Photography exposed in the section „Our viewers best”, denominated „Descanso”.

1997 – Exhibition of winners at the XVI Maraven Contest . Natural Science Museum, Caracas – Venezuela.

1996 – Exhibition of winners at the XV Maraven Photographic Contest. Salón Maraven, Caracas – Venezuela.

1993 -1994 „Venezuela – a tropical country. Journey through its National Parks”. Itinerant collective exhibition in Venezuela, Mexico, USA, Spain and other countries.Sponsored by : Inparques (a governmental institution), Banco de Venezuela, Banco Consolidado Foundation

1986 Exhibition of Young Photographers. Museum of Contemporary Art of Caracas, Ipostel Salon, Caracas – Venezuela

1983 – Salon of Young Photographers. Museum of Contemporary Art of Venezuela. Caracas – Venezuela

1983 – Tribute to the Homeland. Műcsarnok (Art Gallery), Heroes Square, Budapest – Hungary

1981 – Salon of Young Photographers – National Art Gallery. Caracas – Venezuela.



7th Annual Black&White Spiders Award 2012

Eugenio Opitz – Venezuela . 3rd place in Nature – Professional Category www.thespiderawards.com



This foundation organizes its first biannial in the year 2000. The jury which awarded me the 2nd place in documental photography, was composed by: 1. – Sandro Oramas for Venezuela. 2. – Graciela Iturbide, a famous photographer from Mexico. – 3. – A representative of Throckmorton Gallery in New York, for the USA. It is to mention that in this first Biannial of the Daniela Chappard Foundation, by general voting the public determined my work as the best one presented and I was awarded the first place.


Nature in Black and White

Images made in Venezuela, United State of America and Hungary

Nature in color

Images made in Hungary and Venezuela.

Panoramic landscape

“Using Linhof Technoranma 617 and its Schneider 90mm f/5.6 Super-Angulon XL Wide Angle Lens, I found a way to truly express my relationship with nature. Panoramic photography allows me to better express every path I have roamed. Its shape, light, texture, beauty, climate and solitude, all speak by themselves. Places become states of the mind that I can bring for others to experience.”

Now in these days of the digital age I am creating panoramic images in digital format and also because Kodak stopped producing the reversible film color Ektachrome in medium format.

We have to adapt to technological changes as in any other profession.

Images made in Canaima National Park,Bolívar state,Venezuela ,South America and in Budapest ,Hungary

Real people

Images made in Austria,Hungary,Venezuela and United State of America.




Windows are fuel for all curious gazers and wandering minds. For me, windows are visually pure, they are a perfect metaphor to the act of perception. Windows allow the sunlight in and reveal the sights that walls hide. They hold the power of a bidirectional exchange to paint reality internally and externally.

Main door

The windows in the rural areas of Hungary have beckoned me like nowhere else. What caught my eye was the way the dwellers of the houses decorate and spruce up their home windows with deliberate and loving care. The curtains, the flowers and the many trinkets that both garnish and obfuscate the view inwards and outwards. They offer a pristine glimpse into hearth and home.


I started noticing these windows in Szentendre, Budapest and Gödöllő. The attraction reached its peak in the small town of Dunaföldvár. There, while strolling around quiet alleys, the windows of an abandoned house lured me in. Inside, I found a decaying silo of forgotten memories. What once was a home now is an archeological site devoid of life but imbued with the enigmatic pull of forlorn artifacts of mundanity. Rugs and dolls, religious paintings and effigies, dead flowers and broken table lamps, slippers and robes, hardware tools and toothbrushes, all blighted by the unforgiving power of loneliness.

The kitchen

What happened within those walls? Who left this house to rot? Were they ever happy? Were there tears as they left? Was there laughter before silence? What could you see through its windows before neglect took over?

The lamp

I want to give you a window into this inscrutable experience. I want you to fill in the gaps in the story. I want those who face these images to let the lingering awe of silence provide the answers. And then, hopefully in those answers, you can open a window into your own personal journey.


Abstract works

This work was made between 1982-1983 ,I don't remember exactly which of this two years. The original work was made in black and white negative 35 mm format using ILFORD PAN F film developed in Perceptol in my own darkroom. I made about 20 rolls exploring this theme of textures on different surface of metal,walls,plastic,woods etc etc. I printed each image in the darkroom using fiber base ILFORD (black and white paper) photographic paper. I remember that I finished 20 prints in two weeks. After the prints was ready I selected my favorite images. The final result was 20. After that I toned each one with chemicals toners as Sepia toner of Kodak and Gold toner from Tetenal products by hand using brushes and cotton,also Q-Tips. After many years I lost the original negatives (the black and whites negative) but I found the prints that I put away in some place at home. I reproduced the original toned black and white prints in 1998 with Ektachrome film using my Linhof 4x5" large format camera with a roll adapter in 6x9cm format. I scanned each color transparency. I put away again the original prints that I reproduced and between 2000-2007 the original prints they disappeared again forever. I only have the digitization of these color transparencies.

I just remember the extended time I used in each photo in the hauling and retouching by hand with TONERS when there was no Photoshop in the early '80s..This is an additional value to this work. I hope you like my work.


Examples of image made with natural light.



If you need professional quality images of you and your partner or family call me (mobil: +36 30 4125851) to arrange an interview I speak : spanish (native),hungarian( good) and english (good)

Images made in Budapest city


Street portraits made in Chicago


Starting a new day in the morning to hunt new images for my portfolio on the "PEArl of the Danube RIVER" .. Budapest, Hungary.


Developed black and white negative in T-Max developer Used film: HP5 Ilford.

I was making photographs in BW with film this day Nov 03 of 2017 with my Rolls Royce ( The Hasselblad 500 CM ). Here is the image of the developed black and white negative film. I used Ilford HP5 400 ISO

The art of analog photography. For most people it is the past, but not for me. Every once in a while I take pictures with black and white film. So I do not lose the art of making pictures with film.



location: Budapest-Hungary AND CARACAS VENEZUELA

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