American Flag Mackenzie Creech and Jadelyn Harrison

A piece of cloth hangs on a pole that is called a "staff". The American Flag is a symbol of freedom. Each country has it's flag. It has the colors red, white, and blue. It has 50 stars representing all 50 states. The stripes stand for the 13 American colines.

Many experts think Francis Hopkins designed the first flag. No one knows who sewed it but, people think it is Betsy Ross had sewn the first flag. First it had 13 stripes and 13 stars. The first and now flags are different looking.

Every country has it's own flag. We needed a flag since every country has one as we said before. It is a USA symbol that stands for our country.

People to this day hang our American flag on a pole which is called a "staff" as we said in the first paragragh. Now it has 50 stars and 50 stripes since we have discovered new parts of land. People fly it on post offices, government buildings, and schools. Maybe you'll see one on the moon. The flag reminds Americans of the freedom they enjoy today.

People died in the war while saving our country. People saved fellow people in fires because they were firefighters. People saved our country from the biggest criminals and they are police officers. This is why we have our American Flag.

The American flag today, the old American flag, other countries, Besty Ross, police officers that saved our country.

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