Riding Lawnmower By Raul Nunez

A riding lawn mower is essentially a small tractor combined with a rotary mower. Riding mowers are powered by a single gas engine that provides power to both the wheels and the blades. The driver sits on top of the mower in a seat behind the engine and controls the operation with levers. Mowers can go forward and backward and most can turn in place. This allows them to precisely cut lawns. Riding lawn mowers have two side-by-side horizontal spinning blades beneath a protective deck. The blades turn at a high speed, cutting the tops off the grass as they rotate. The fail-safe mechanism (dead man switch) found on power mowers. It triggers an important safety feature of stopping the blades quickly as soon as the handle of a walk-behind mower is released or the operator of a ride-on mower falls off of the seat. A way fail-safe could fail, is if the seat was to get jammed. The blades would not stop rotating.

Created By
Raul Nunez

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