Judism A monotheistic religion for the jews that revolves around the teachings of the old testament

Origin of Judaism

Judaism is revolved around God. Jewish people say that the founder of Judaism is Abraham. Abraham was said to be the first to make a covenant with God, he is considered to be the "Father of the Jews". This religion was originated in Jerusalem. After World War II Israel was made to be a place for Jewish people to live. Judaism has a connection with Islam and Christianity. All three believe in the same God. The prophets they believe in are different, and the beliefs of the religions are all different because of how they were received through the prophets.

Judaism Beliefs

Judaism is a practiced religion today. When Jewish people go to worship they go to a synagogue or a temple. The religious leaders that are leading there prayer are called Rabbis. The rabbis are teaching the Torah, which is the first five books of the old Testament. Besides the Torah they also follow 613 commandments. The striving point for Jewish followers is for the Messiah to come.

Branches of Judaism

There are three different types of Jewish people. Orthodox Jews, Conservative Jews, and Reform and Reconstructionst Jews. All three have similarities and differences. Orthodox Jews believe that Judaism is not changing. They say that what the Torah says is what needs to been done. Then there are Conservative Jews they believe that what god said is that its changing and evolving. That God wanted something different before from know. Then lastly there are Reform and Reconstuctionist Jews, and they believe that the laws that God has created do not need to be followed. All three of them has the same structure but they believe in things in a different way.


Judaism has many types of holidays and Holy Days that they value. One Holiday that they celebrate is Rosh Hashanah. Rosh Hashanah is what the Jews call there New Year. They celebrate it to start a new year with new goals. This year it starts on September 20 and ends the 22 of September. Another Holiday that they celebrate is Yom Kippur, it is referred to as the Day of Atonement, on this day you ask for repentance, atone your sins from the year before. They also fast and pray, Jews refer to this holiday as one of the most important ones.


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