october 2019

Volume 4, Number 7

Jeffry Booher, Editor In Chief

A good snapshot keeps a moment from running away―Eudora Welty

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Jeffry Booher

Darkroomers Board of Directors held a regular meeting heading in to the fourth quarter. Since this was our last meeting of the year and, my last as chairman, I wanted to push as many decisions about the direction of the club onto the next administration but there were a few decisions that you need to be aware of.


We are canceling the January 1st meeting; You knew it would happen sooner or later―Darkroomers' first meeting of the years falls on New Year's Day... Please enjoy it responsibly.

Canceling the first meeting of the year, however, has some impact on the Year End Competition. Since the first meeting of the year is generally just Print Submission night, we had to adjust the timeline of events for the Year End Competition to accommodate the change.

  1. Print Submission night will December 18th; We realize that some of you may be out of town so you can make arrangements to drop them of earlier or later if you like.
  2. There will be no exhibition on December 18th. We normally have our final critique of the year in December but the event is never well attended and it is difficult to find judges a week before the big holiday.
  3. The Year End Competition will open on November 15 this year. We typically start taking entries the 1st of December but, due to the change in Print Submission, we will open the competition 2 weeks earlier on November 15th.
  4. The last day to enter will be December 13th at midnight. That gives you plenty of time after the final critique of the year to get your submissions together and enter.

More details will be coming to you in the November and December editions of In-Focus plus we will be talking about the coveted event at all major club meetings. Still, if you have questions and want answers about the annual Competition, feel free to ask a veteran of the club. We are here to make sure you get to enjoy all the benefits of the club.

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service merchandise

Darkroomers has a vested interest in hosting the building on weekends. Opening the building to the public is the best way for us to show our work to people who just like to see beautiful photography. If members continue to refuse to step up and host the building then we will have no other option but to raise dues in order to pay members to host. If we cannot get our act together and open the building to show our work, who will?


The Board of Directors discussed giving a cash incentive to those members who step up and volunteer to be officer (President, Vice President, Secretary and Treasurer) in the club.

The board agreed to reducing dues for officers to $25 starting in 2020

The club will vote on this at the November 20th meeting and the full text of the bylaws changes will be sent out later this month...

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The Central Coast trip is later this month. There is still time to add your name to the attendee list. It will be the better trip to attend so if you are going to miss it then you really will be missing a great trip.

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Darkroomers is once again hosting the Scott Kelby Worldwide Photo Walk on October 5th at 5:30P. Join us as Darkroomer, Angela Andrieux, leads us through Balboa Park for a golden delight during blue hour. The good news is that this year's walk will not interfere with the large crowds at the Maker Faire as there is no Maker Faire San Diego this year...

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remain still

Resident Still Life photographer, Joan Everds, will be hosting a hands-on still-live workshop on Saturday October 12th at 9am. She'll have a short presentation then it's on to the hands-on portion where you will get to photograph stuff using ambient lighting.

Members are asked to bring some small-medium sized things to photograph plus their camera, tripod, cable release, etc... Joan will be bring some flowers and fruit plus she will have fabrics and backdrops on hand and help with setting up the shot.

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The nominating committee is hard at work trying to find volunteers to take one the roles of President and Treasurer for the 2020/2021 membership years. Darkroomers is staffed by volunteers and we desperately need more people to volunteer for things...

For those of you who are new, Directors serve at the pleasure of the club President and this is a Presidential election year so that means new Directors will be appointed by the incoming President. While some of the current Directors may very well want to stay on next year, the door is open to new members in the club to volunteer. We like volunteers!

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year end update

Each year the Vice President chairs a committee which determines what categories we will open for the Year End Competition. Previously we have kept the competition at eight categories and, with dwindling participation, it has been difficult to fill some categories. Last year the competition had about the fewest number of entries as we have had in the previous ten years―although we allowed more entries per member back then...

The 2019 competition, however, will feature almost as many categories as it has since the invention of color film. You see, back in the old days, Darkroomers would hold its year end competition with each category having two divisions: color and monochrome. Which meant it had somewhere in the neighborhood of sixteen different choices to render images for the competition. The competition was long and the judges were somewhat fatigued by the end of the competition but, what the hey, more winners. Right?

This year the committee settled on twelve categories. That's right--12!. With the numbers dwindling down it may end up that everyone comes home with a ribbon this year. With so few entries and so many categories, the math ends up being such that we may not have enough entries to fill some categories.

Due to the fact that the committee came back to the club with twelve categories, there will need to be a change to the bylaws to determine how we handle categories which receive fewer than six entries. Details of this will be distributed to you later this month when we send out other proposed changes to the bylaws. and voted on at the November 20th meeting...

categorically denied

The Year End Competition committee is calling for the following categories to be opened for the competition.

  • Animals & People - Monochrome
  • Other - Monochrome
  • Animals - Color
  • Birds & Bees - Color
  • People - Color
  • Architecture & Cityscapes
  • Street Scenes
  • Action & Sports
  • Nightscapes
  • Still Life & Abstracts

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Details about how to enter, judges who will be scoring and a call for volunteers will go out with the December newsletter.

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miller time

Lisa Miller

Thanks to Lisa Miller who stepped up to the plate to take over as Club Secretary. Lisa hit the ground running late last month as the club's scribe and has . As you know, nothing is official without the Club Secretary's signature so her job is the most important job on the Board of Directors as we would get nothing done without her. Thank you Lisa for doing this important work.

scacc news

SCACC canceled its September meeting because of the Labor Day holiday so the full Board of Directors does not meet again until November. The Marketing Subcommittee is hard at work on marcom type duties―namely establishing a brand and building a corporate identity by recreating the SCACC logo and developing a corporate fonts, design and style guides for the organization.

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Congratulations to SCACC, who came in 3rd overall in the PSA council's challenge 2019, and was garnered with a 1st place win in the Nature division.

Individual results for SCACC saw a 3rd place ribbon come home to Bruce Hollingsworth Photonaturalists Camera Club) for his image titled, Back Stroke. Several individual Honorable Mentions were awarded to SCACC including one that Joan Everds can add to numerous awards she has received for the image titled, China Guilin. Congratulations Joan!

Awards from the PSA Councils' Challenge will be handed out to those who won at the SCACC Year End Awards Ceremony in April 2020.

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Jack Davis

Our Judge for October is Jack Davis. For nearly 40 years, Jack has been an internationally recognized creative spokesperson on digital imagery and visual communication. Prior to turning to teaching, Jack was Creative Director for many digital interactive initiatives and was the art Director for Presto Studios, the creators of the award-winning Journeyman Project--the world’s first photorealistic interactive adventure on CD-ROM. Jack was also the Creative Director for Verbum Interactive, the world’s first integrated multimedia publication. He has done pioneering multimedia work in virtual reality, interactive digital content, and has contributed design work for motion pictures.

Jack has degrees in traditional Art and Graphic Design and an M.A. and M.F.A. in Digital Imagery from San Diego State University. His passion, energy and commitment to quality comes through in every book, every article and every live training session he leads and we are pleased to have him back in the Darkroom!

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