Modeling Change Project Alwien

For our Graphing a line project, everyone in the class had to pick a topic they were interested in and then find data for that specific subject. For example the population of the world over many years. Though a key point was that we needed to have at least 15 data points. I first wanted to do the amount of Mc'Donalds stores there were in America because I found that that would be a fun fact to know, but I wasn't able to find enough data points so I had to change my topic. I then went with amount of Starbucks stores worldwide because I was interested in knowing a bit about that. I found my data and we were told to put all the data we collected on student desmos into a graph. By doing this we would get points on the graph which made it look like this:

Then Mr. Ferguson told us that we had to divide the points into at least 3 sections (that is why we needed at least 15 data points.) We had to divide all of our data into 3 different tables which were all different colors. This is how I divided my tables:

And this is how the graph looked like:

Then after Mr. Ferguson explained to us how to make a proper line of best fit (using the equation y = mx + b) we put those into the graph for every individual section. I first calculated the line of best fit for the blue dots. Here are my calculations for that:

And then this is what it looked like on my graph:

After doing the calculations for the black line,

my graph looked like this:

Eventually I did the calculations for the equation of the red line of best fit:

Which finally led me to a graph with all the lines of best fit for the individual sections:

But after I finally thought I was finished, we were told that we also had to make a line of best fit for all the points on the graph. The first calculation I tried wasn't how I wanted it to look like, it looked like this:

But after listening to some feedback from others and seeing that my line wasn't steep enough, I chose 2 new points and did a whole new calculation,

My line looked much better:

Graph with all my lines

About my graph / predictions for the future

Looking at my line now, it looks like the amount of Starbucks stores in America will only be increasing. Sometimes it may have some dips because of problems with money or complaints of people, but at its current state it looks like the line of my graph will only be increasing from now on since my graph it is mostly consistent until the years 2006-2011. But after that it goes straight up again. This was because of economical problems. Starbucks had around 600 stores that were unprofitable which led them to close them all. Ever since, the amount of Starbucks has only grown and has risen straight up. I think it will keep growing like this since many people like their products and this amount has been rising since 2011 !! My prediction is that it will keep growing like this for maybe even 50 years but might change after 95 since technology will be very developed and people might not even need to go to the stores for a quick coffee anymore.

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