Let's Ban Animal Testing By: Sydney berg

Do you have a pet at home? Do you feel that you have to do anything and everything for your pet to be safe? How would you feel if your pet was taken away from you and put into a factory to be tested with harmful products? I know that I would be upset and I'm sure you would to. I bring this up because over 100 million innocent animals die from testings. This is a big problem that could easily be fixed. We should try and stop animal testing.

Animal testing should be banned because it is a terrible thing to do to something that doesn't deserve it. Procon.org states that animals have to have their eyelids clipped open for some cosmetics to be tested. Cosmetic tests are harming an animal for no reason. This poor animal is suffering when it shouldn't be. Procon.org also says that an animal test costs $32,00. We are wasting precious money for an animal to die. We could be using that $32,00 for something way more important.

Animal tests are not only terrible to the animals but the tests are making even more problems. According to PETA.org government agencies are funding and conducting animal tests. This tells us that government agencies are spending money on tests but they should be spending this money on more important problems. This supports that animal tests are wasting precious money that we could use for more important problems that need that money.

If we ban animal testing nothing will change within you and your product it will just save a life. The website Europa.eu supports this statement. The text reads “Cosmetics on the market and for which the safety is already established are not affected by the ban and can continue to be placed on the market, historic animal data can continue to be relied on.” The information given tells us that if we do ban animal testing the product wouldn't be affected by the test ban. So we know that our favorite hair product won't stop selling even if we don't have the animals to test them on. Not only will our products stay the same but the cosmetic industry will increase. Since people will know that the product isn't being tested on animals then more people will want to buy that product and when they do the cosmetic industry increases.

Overall we should not test on animals because it's cruel and hurtful to animals and we should respect them in the way we want to be respected.


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