Art and Core Values

One of my core values is to have variety in my life and try not to be narrow minded in my life. For these vases display this core value of mine through all the different types, sizes, and designs of the vases. All the different vases in a way show all the different things in life I will experience and the different people I will meet. Some are dark while others are bright which represents the pleasant and unpleasant sides of life. This artwork made me feel grateful for all the experiences I am allowed to have. For all the vases were put together in one place. I viewed them all and found some beautiful while others I found unappealing. This helped me understand that in life there will be experiences and people that I will love and others that I will hate. However, bad or good they will both help me grow as a person. For the cabinet represented me as the person and each vase represented a good or bad experience. Thus, this artwork helped me understand that in life I should cherish everything no matter what since even bad things in life have good lessons that I could learn from.

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Allen Fang

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