Newsletter - Friday 6 August 2021

Chaplains' News

Love in Action

Mostly we take the little details of daily life for granted, but how good is it to say thanks or do something to show gratitude!

Maybe it's just as simple as someone cleans an area of the home, washes the car or picks up some of the garbage around the home. It could be that someone makes a meal and puts some real love into it. It's times when someone at work does that little extra, they're not asked to do, or a fellow student is kind and chats about life. The little real love actions are important to respond to! Often these things go unnoticed yet speak to the love in action by others, that is written about in 1 John 4:18 "let's not just talk about love but let's act on it" AMCV.

When in another role some time back, travel was a constant, it was too constant and too often! Yet when I'd arrive somewhere, opening my laptop or backpack, or bag, or lunch box, there'd be a little note - We Love You! This reminder was sometimes missed and underappreciated, until one day I boarded a flight bound for Newcastle from Brisbane.

As the plane was coming into land, I realised we had low level fog to contend with. We were low, in the fog, about to land in what seemed like just metres off the runway and the plane was still facing downward as I starred with plate sized eyes out the window! Fortunately, I can write this story down, the pilot made those engines roar that day as we pointed it back to Brisbane. I wasn't at all upset to fly that trip back to Brisbane, I sat there and starred at the note "We Love You!" and prayed a prayer of thanks that day and almost everyday thereafter.

Much good and simple action is achieved by simply looking again at the daily care and love moments around us! It's time to imagine ways to respond to the real love in action daily. Let's take the time afforded to us to respond to the small acts of practical love with love in action!

Let's take up the challenge as students and families to do something for Mum or Dad, or a Teacher/Staff member, Grandparent/Uncle/Aunt/Cousin to show the love in action - be it a cake, a letter sent by mail, a phone call, go pick a flower and write a card, there's always a way including "thank you"! Choose from the many ways to show love in action, Jesus found a way every day, let's try to also do the same!

Big Love

Pr Andy Pr Eden Pr Nick

Whole School News

A Note from our Wellbeing Co-odinator - Mr Ben Stewart

Being a parent is tough. We want the best for our kids and our families, and for the most part we do pretty well. Managing responsibilities, pressures, expectations and desires is tiring though – exhausting even at times – and for many parents another round of lock-downs and remote learning are really taking a toll on wellbeing. To help maintain balance we need enough ‘margin’.

“Margin is the space between our load and our limits. It is the amount allowed beyond that which is needed. It is something held in reserve for contingencies or unanticipated situations. Margin is the gap between rest and exhaustion, the space between breathing freely and suffocating.”

For my family, participating in the weekly rhythm of Sabbath creates margin. Spending a few moments having a coffee with my wife each morning before work creates margin. Choosing to step outside and intentionally focus my attention on the warmth of the sun, the cool air, the sound of birds or of wind moving through the trees creates margin. These weekly, daily and momentary practices are some of what works for me and my family. Take a moment to reflect on the margin in your life. Pause, breathe, and choose to do one thing today that creates some more margin in your life.

Excerpt From: Richard Swenson. “Margin: Restoring Emotional, Physical, Financial, and Time Reserves to Overloaded Lives.”

The Value of Integrity

In the last of a series of explorations of our school values by Suzanne Mann, one of our school parents, she highlights the centrality of integrity in our lives. The diagram below demonstrates how integrity can sit at the centre of our four values and bring them together. As Mrs Mann states, “I know I am in integrity when I am at peace with my decisions and actions”. In the current situation of remote learning and students being asked to be more independent in their learning, the value of integrity comes to the fore as they match their words and actions with their beliefs in daily online interactions with peers.

On behalf of the school we thank Mrs Mann for her contribution in highlighting our school values and deepening our understanding.

Catch Up Friday - 13th August 2021

Friday, 13 August will be a ‘catch up’ day for students with no scheduled live classes planned. This decision has been made in response to the feedback from parents, students and staff to allow everyone flexibility to complete work in a manner that suits them. School will still be open for families of essential workers who require their child to be supervised at school.

Poetry Competition - Years K to 12

Red Room Poetry is pleased to invite teachers and students to explore their home-learning nature writing resources to celebrate Schools Tree Day (July 30)! Enter your final poem to the POEM FOREST Prize - and they will plant a native tree at The Australian Botanic Garden Mount Annan for every poem submitted.

Schools Tree Day Resources (K-12):

1. Download the free learning resource, to help guide young poets in creating their own nature poem to submit in the POEM FOREST Prize.

2. Research what native trees are best suited to the local area and plan your own tree planting at school or home. See Page 30 of our learning resource for more!

3. Watch poet Kirli Saunders read her poem ‘Sun Downs and Seasons’ commissioned by Red Room Poetry and Wollongong Botanic Garden.

4. Read student nature poems like ‘Stepping Out of the I-Wants’ by Ernest in Year 1 in the POEM FOREST library.

5. Submit your poems to the prize via the Entry form and celebrate with a poetry reading! Your poems are now in the running for lots of exciting prizes. Entries close 17 September.

For full POEM FOREST Prize details, please visit their website or join their education mailing list. Thanks for helping to grow the POEM FOREST and create positive climate action through poetry.

Seventh-Day Adventist Schools (Greater Sydney) Scholarship Program


For further information and access to the Application Form please visit this link.

Calendar of Upcoming School Events

You can access the list of upcoming School events via the link below. The School Calendar is also available under the Parent Information tab on the School website.

Term Dates for 2021

Please click on the link below to view the school term dates and public holiday information for 2021.

ACYP Youth Forum - 28th July 2021

On Wednesday, July 28, I attended an ACYP Youth Forum meeting regarding COVID-19 and its impacts on young people. I found it to be extremely informative and interesting, and was very glad that I was able to attend. In attendance were the Hon. Alister Henskens MP, Minister for Families, Communities and Disability Services; The Hon. Natalie Ward MLC, Minister for Sport, Multiculturalism, Seniors and Veterans; Assistant Commissioner Gelina Talbot, Capability, Performance and Youth Command, NSW Police; Dr. Jan Fizzell, Senior Health Advisor, NSW Health; and Ms Deb Summerhayes, Executive Director, School Performance, Department of Education, as well as over 400 young people ranging from ages 6 to 30.

Although we were unable to receive any further information regarding Trial Exams and the HSC (as these subjects are still under discussion and development), I was able to hear and learn about a multitude of topics and issues that Australian youth face today. These included youth justice; disability services; regional access to resources; COVID restrictions; vaccination protocols; racism; public health orders and child protection.

I found the Youth Forum to be insightful and informative, and really appreciate that our government system is allowing Australian youth to express their opinions and have their say in a productive and collaborative space.

Grace Colville (School Captain)

Maths Competition

The Mathematics Department would like to notify you that our first Parents’ Mathematics Competition is postponed until a more suitable time. We are very appreciative of the parents who have agreed to sponsor the competition and don’t wish to add extra pressure to small businesses and families at this time. We look forward to announcing a date for the competition in Term 4.

Library News

Premier’s Reading Challenge

Congratulations to Jax A (KE), Ava M (KE), Isabelle R (KE), Amrit G (2M), Sarah L (4R), Nathan L (4L), Harriette M (5C) and Katie M (9W) who have all finished the Premier’s Reading Challenge. Great reading!

PLEASE NOTE: The Premier’s Reading Challenge has been extended and now finishes on September 3, so please ensure your books are entered online by September 3. If you need help entering your child’s reading list, please email Mrs Savage (library@wahroonga.adventist.edu.au).

Library Story Times

Library lessons are happening during lockdown via four Microsoft Teams meetings being held on Tuesday and Wednesday afternoons. Make sure you log in to hear some of the awesome Children’s Book Council of Australia shortlisted books for 2021. Session times are:

Tuesday: 1.30 – 2.00pm: Prep/Kindy, 2.00 – 2.30pm: Years 1/2

Wednesday: 1.30 – 2.00pm: Years 3/4, 2.00 – 2.30pm: Years 5/6

Book Week 2021

Due to the current Covid lockdown our Book Week events will be held a week later during Week 8 (August 30 - September 3) in the hope we will be able to celebrate these events onsite. The planned events are:

Dress-up Day (Friday, September 3): The theme is Old Worlds, New Worlds, Other Worlds so come to school dressed up as something from the past, present or future, preferably a book character. If lockdown extends into Week 8, we will have a virtual dress-up day where you can attend your library story time session in your costume and send Mrs Savage a photo of yourself all dressed up.

Bigger, Better, Brighter! Book Week Performance (Thursday, September 2): This performance will feature the following 2021 shortlisted books: Ellie’s Dragon by Bob Graham, How to Make a Bird by Meg McKinlay and Norton and the Bear by Gabriel Evans. Due to the current Covid outbreak this performance will now be viewed online. If lockdown extends into Week 8 you will be sent a link to view the performance at home.

Library WebAPP

The library WebAPP is a great place to keep track of your child/ren’s library loans, search the catalogue and read about upcoming library events. You can access it from any device at bit.ly/waslibrary. Instructions on how to log in to your child/ren’s personal details are on the home page.

World Book Encyclopedia Subscription

Wahroonga Adventist School has a subscription to World Book Encyclopedia Online which gives all students and teachers online access to an amazing variety of resources which can be accessed using any device. If you would like to explore this resource, please follow the link below and use the word was for the log-in ID and password.


The canteen is still open for students learning on campus, please see attached menu. During the lockdown food can only be purchased by online ordering, there will be no window service. Orders can be purchased through flexischools.com.au by 8am the same day. We hope all families are keeping safe and well.

Home and School

Registrations are required for parents to attend the event - please CLICK HERE to register.

Mindfulness Colouring Competition

If you are yet to receive an email from the School Office containing the links to the colouring in competition please contact the ladies in the office at office@wahroonga.adventist.edu.au.

Home and School Meetings are suspended for now, next meeting will be advised.

We hope to be able to organise the following events in Term 4 -

1) Laser Tag for High School students

2) Ice Skating for all students

3) Dad’s Campout for Primary School students

Home & School Meeting Dates for 2021

TERM 3 - TBA and Tuesday 31st August

TERM 4 - Tuesday 5th October and Tuesday 2nd November

Bits and Pieces

Menzies Emering Leaders Program - Years 11 & 12