Catching A catfish By Jack

Waking up to the smell of donuts from linda's bakery, and knowing we were going to go fishing in the new boat gave me the adrenalin rush I needed to get out of bed and get dressed. I ran down stairs and chowed down two donuts without even tasting them. I fling open the camper door and boom it’s like smelling a burned out fire and and trees coated with a light watering. I sit down on the porch and wait for sam to wake up it’s not long before I hear the groan of someone waking up. I head on inside and sure enough sam is eating a chocolate long john.

“I’ll be right out”. Says sam

“Ok, I’ll be waiting, I’m trusting that you'll actually come out right” I say

“Yes, you can count on me i’ll be out in five” says sam

As i'm waiting I take a glance at the lake And it looks like glass. It’s a perfect 60 degrees great for fishing. I can’t wait any longer I round up all of my gear hop on my scooter and head for the dock. And of course uncle tony is waiting on the boat for me and sam to get there. Once sam comes we can finally leave out onto the lake.

Uncle tony says to me and sam “I think we should head to the back of the lake there is a fish crib.”

Me and sam both say “sounds good.”

We waste no time we get our poles in the water in less than 3 seconds. It does not take long before,

sam says “fish on”

They were catching fish left and right. Then out of nowhere my pole bends so far it almost touches the water, I start to reel in my line as it starts to reach the surface I can see the yellow belly of a catfish. Sam grabs the fish with his special glove so it doesn’t sting him with its cat like whiskers. Then he slowly squeeze the fish and it groans like someone getting out of bed in the morning. Sam let the fish go And I just watched it glide through the water lake missile streaking across the sky. I slowly saw the color of the fish fade into black as it swam away.

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