Baby Crying Plan By aaLiyah lawson

Why your baby may be crying

  • The baby may be hungry
  • The baby may have a upset stomach
  • The baby may need to burp if he or she crys right after eating
  • The baby may just need to get some sleep
  • The baby may want just to be held and loveD
  • The baby may be too cold or too hot.
  • The baby may be in pain from something that may be hard for you to notice
  • The baby may begin to start teething and this may be very painful for them
  • The baby may want less simulation.The lights,being passed from person to person.The baby crying is its way of saying "I've had enough"
  • The baby may not feeling well.You want to make sure to pay attention to baby's temperature to make sure the baby's temp does not get too high.

How to help soothe a baby from crying

  • Try rocking the baby
  • Take the baby for a car ride
  • Take the baby for a walk around the park
  • Try swaddling the baby
  • Try to offer the baby a binkey
  • Try giving the baby a massage
  • Try changing the baby's clothes
  • Try to turn on a fan to soothe the baby's crying


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