Midterm Portfolio Jonathan Fierro

This piece of work here is a client piece. My friend runs a website where he buys people Supreme brand clothing. He had a pretty bad logo so I said if he paid me I would make him a better logo. Unfortunately, he was the client so I had to do what he wanted. I wanted to make it slightly brighter rather than a black and white like he wanted so I made three different versions but he was adamant and this was then end product.

This is another piece of client work by my cousin. She offered to pay me a handsome amount if I made her something for her "business." Looking at it now I might take off the outer glow to bubblicious. I looked at a bubble tutorial to make the bubble effect but i picked my own font and changed some of the value of the effects. I also did the same with the slime text but do to some restrictions I had to changed the texture and some of the values.

This is just a text effect that I thought turned out well. My little cousin, Jayden, kept hounding me to make him something in my Graphic Design class after he saw the spark text effect that I made. He told me to make him something shark related but I didn't know what to make him. For this effect I had to make a custom brush to get it to look like a bunch of dots. Then I added a text layer saying "Jayden" then made an outline of the text and filled it with the custom brush. I then proceeded to add affects mostly just making an outer glow to make it look like lights. Finally, I just made Sandoval with Divide giving it the greenish blue gradient.

Now this one gave me a little bit of trouble. Getting the Spark to glow was fairly easy since it was just applying and inner glow with a certain color. I got the background from the Photoshop Down and Dirty Tricks book as well as some instructions on how to give Spark sparks. The book wanted me to use the puppet warp tool which I have never used before and it expected me to know how since it gave me very little instruction on how to use it. It took me a couple of days to figure it out. When I did figure it out it was pretty easy to finish. All I did from that point on was curve the sparks around the letters. I really like how it turned out.

This is a low poly of a gazelle. This was actually really fun to do and I cut my work load in half by only making half of the gazelle's face and just copy pasting the other half flipping it. It was pretty simple to make. Just added a mask hiding the rest of the body and made triangles on the face with a average blur to pick up the color underneath allowing it to look like a bunch of polygons.

I made a movie poster. Named it Son of Rome. What I did to this was just having a texture as the background then put a slightly modified version of the man into on top of the texture. I then made an orange layer set it as overlay so it would make the entire poster orange. I then added a few gradients at the bottom and took some dust from a video to put over the black area. Then I found a font that look somewhat Roman and there you go.

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