Accidental Advocates

Kruger National Park

As a writer and photographer, I am compelled to help spread awareness that animals play a role in the health of our ecosystem as well as in our personal lives. Although our understanding of animal intelligence is obscured in a cloud of false assumptions, we can’t deny that animals play many roles, and they deserve a voice. They possess a greater ability to glean information from their environment than we do.

They hear softer sounds, see more subtle movement and can smell changes in our body chemistry that we are simply unable to match. Capable of great depth of emotion, of intricate social interaction, and of simple and acute awareness, animals have survived millions of years. In a world older and more complete than the human one, they are gifted with the extensions of the senses that we have lost or never attained. They live by voices we shall never hear and they have value in the health of our planet.

Makalali Reserve

Ultimately, through video, photos, and stories, I will continue to tell stories from the front line of the people who are fighting to preserve the biodiversity and habitat necessary for the region’s and the world’s fight against climate change to help maintain social, environmental and animal welfare for all of us.

My latest journey takes me into the jungles of the Kutai National Park. In February 2020, I will be traveling upriver on canoes, driving through the landscapes of East Borneo and staying in long homes with the traditional Dayak culture in order to give a voice to the orangutans whose homes are disappearing. Additionally, I plan to spend three days at the Centre for Orangutan Protection and conduct video interviews with the Orangutan caretakers about their experience rescuing animals, employing locals and leading volunteers in the fight to return rescued orangutans back to the forest. But in order to help all of us, we need to figure out solutions to irresponsible deforestation, mining and habitat destruction that have an impact on habitat destruction as well as climate change. We need to help orangutans, and other animals on the verge of extinction, tell their stories.

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Sherri Harvey


all photos by Sherri Harvey @sunsherphoto.com