Heather Covington Alston Ridge Middle School

ALC Coordinator

House of Vencer (Track 3) House Leader

The Warrior Den

Alternative Learning Center

Program Overview

Alston Ridge Middle School provides an alternative classroom structure for students providing an opportunity for all students to succeed. Through daily goal setting and reflections, students work towards leaving behind unsuccessful aspects of their current student-self, and replacing them with skills that will enable them to be successful learners. Through positive, results-oriented interaction with counselors and families, we work as a team to identify roadblocks to the student's current success, and provide concrete strategies to be used by the student, family, and school to promote success upon reentry to the traditional classroom.

While in The Warrior Den (ALC), students are accountable to high expectations of behavior while completing coursework provided by their teachers in core subject areas. Various learning activities are utilized to address the diverse needs of learners as they develop life skills in organization, conflict resolution, and positive communication that empower them in both the classroom and beyond.

Google Classroom Code - k374dh

Vencer House Council Members - Coming Soon!

Google Classroom Code - j64rv
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Heather Covington

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