Hope By Olivia Hogan

Everything is there. Hunters killing animals as trophies. Plants suffering. Weather roars. Oceans swims away. Land sinking. How do humans survive? Hope.

"I find hope in the darkest of days, and focus in the brightest." Dalai Lama

We live in a world full of disasters. Humans survive until their deaths. There are many ways to survive. But all of them have hope. Hope is something related to our wishes. People have hope for a special reason. Living. Among our world, there are more just a solar system. There are places unknown. The thing about why we have hope, is to keep our believes from fear. Like Aliens or Monsters. Anyways, why I am telling you this is to make you understand that life cannot be useless. Life is being used by you. You chose what you want to be. But many people live without thinking.

"Life is filled with pain and sufferings, but also can be filled with Hope and Love." Master Cheng Yen

Surviving with hope is our hearts. Hope is an angel. Plants. Water. Sun. Moon. Stars. People. Shadows. Those are things that our hope is seeing. Disasters in one whole day. We move on leaving deaths behind our backs. We work hard learning things. We survive on Earth.

"No matter who or how different you are, I will always remain on your side." Olivia Hogan

The reason you got to be thinking is to know what you going to do in your future. You do not want to be heart broken by those people who hurt you. Hurting is blood. But sometimes it okay to hurt people who hurt you back. I felt this in my life time. People aren't in the light. They are in darkness, alone, hurt, gone. Many people let go. They know it would be the time to go away. Others don't. Because they are afraid. But hope can save your day.

"Faith is the bird that feeling the light when dawn is still dark." Rabindranath Tagore

I chose hope as my one word right now because it all I need and believe in. People normally stop believing in things. But sometimes it their choice and sometimes not. Anyways, I hope you guys understand what I mean by hope. Hope is my guardian angel. And each of you all have something to believe in as hope. Thank you!

"Dare to believe something amazing is going to happen in your life. When you believe all things is possible." Joel Osteen


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