Does where you study affect your test scores and your homework grades? Self-Designed Exhibit #1

I choose to do this exact question because last semester I did all of my work in my dorm room. I thought that this was the best plan of attack but I'm sure that you can tell it wasn't due to me being in this class this semester. It was filled by lots of distractions and I wanted to see how my grades would change if I did my work and studies other places.

Hypothesis: I believe that studying in the library will help a little but I don't believe that it will be such a difference that I notice it a lot in my grades. I believe this because after all, studying is studying and it shouldn't matter where it is done.

I decided for my first math test to keep to what I had done before and attempt to do my studies in my dorm room. My homework grades were actually pretty good but still not where I wanted them to be. I found it hard to concentrate due to my roommate doing many random things. This also went for the productivity of my studying. I found myself getting distracted very easily and not getting much done. I even attempted to do my studies when my roommate wasn't there but it still resulted in me not quite getting what I needed to done. This became frustrating and very discouraging. I ended up averaging about 85% on my homework and I got a 70 on my first test.

Next, I decided to move my studies to the library. This caused my homework average to go way up to 100%. I was very pleased by this so I only did my homework there for the duration of my last two tests. I was also able to study much better in this new environment. I found myself getting much more done than before. I was actually able to recall the things that I had studied for the first time in a long time. This boosted my moral a lot and I was much more pleased with my grades. I ended up getting an 83.50% on my second exam in Math and I haven't studied anywhere else since (unless it's necessary).

So in the end, I would recommend anyone to study in the library, a place with a lot of other determined college students, as opposed to in the comfort of your own room. I found my productivity much higher in this setting and I also found myself to be much happier when I was done studying. You can see by my grades that it definitely positively impacted my grades. I went from a 70 on my first test to an 83.50 on my second one. You can also see that my homework grades went up 15% to make it a 100 average which is much better than I had even done before. To conclude on this, everyone should go study and do work in the library as opposed to their dorm room any day.


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