In the 6th of February, students from Colegio Menor in Quito Ecuador went on a school field trip to Cusco, Peru. There many students took notes in order to collect as much evidence as possible for this research. Each group of students had to choose a research question in order to have a lead into where to focus the most when looking for evidence. In the following research paper the reader will encounter many aspects about how Machu Picchu was greatly hidden from the Spanish conquistadors. This research paper will describe the ways Incan people used to hide Machu Picchu from the conquistadors using aspects like geography and architecture; furthermore, these will be connected in order to find a viable answer into why the city was never discovered. Then, the project will revolve around the main idea of Machu Picchu being purposely hidden from the Spanish, and also answer the “so what?” question. This will give the reader a reason to read and learn about the topic that is being explained.

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