A Makoshika Wedding A montana Wedding in the Badlands

Dan and Danyell have a love for each other like none other. I ran into Dan before the wedding, buying beer, which if we all know Dan, is exactly what he would be doing on his wedding day. As he shook my hand and thanked me for traveling to his wedding, I recognized how excited and how happy this man was to be getting ready to marry the love of his life.

The ceremony was held in the glorious Makoshika State Park in Glendive Montana. The ceremony was in the heart of the Badlands, and accented and highlighted the natural beauty of both the bride and groom, but the natural beauty of the region as well. We were blessed with glorious weather, a nice summer breeze and some nice cloud cover to break up the hot July sun.

Dan + Danyell were surrounded by their friends and families to celebrate an amazing, beautiful joining of two genuine people. Dan and Danyell are both loved and appreciated by many, their personalities are those that touch and affect everyone around them.

Danyell wore a gorgeous lace gown, that fit her amazingly. She looked gorgeous, and next to her groom, they looked flat stunning in their Makoshika Wedding.

Danyell was given away by her two children, who are her world.

Her bridesmaids were all her sisters, and the love they have for each other was refreshing and contagious.

During the ceremony, I remember the announcement about how their families and friends were just as important to the bride and groom as the wedding itself was, and how they wanted to focus on the guests just as much as themselves. To me, that was amazing. To me that was a selfless gesture that just radiates the generosity, love and friendship this couple represents.

And of course, what is a Towberman wedding with out a Bud Light, am I right Dan???

The groomsmen sure enjoyed the summer breeze we were getting with this summer Makoshika Wedding!

After the ceremony, we all traveled down into Glendive, where the reception was held at the Moose.

The reception might had been the most sentimental reception I have ever attended. The bride was holding a new baby most of the reception, children were running through the hall, playing with balloons and talking about the newest fads. People from near and far gathered, ate some amazing food prepared by the Women of the Moose, and enjoyed this time at the Moose in Glendive.

Here is to Dan + Danyell, for many years, laughs and memories to come



Victoria Shoopman Photography

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